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    Help with HL Math IA (Calculus)

    I think the wikipedia page is ok. Just beware of different convention in spherical coordinates whether its math or physics. I think it would be good to first do everything in Cartesian, then if/when you have extra time play around with other coordinate systems.
  2. kw0573

    Maths HL Intro to Calculus Questions

    @literaturegirl Are you sure that (1, 2) is on the graph of f(x) = x^2 - 5?
  3. kw0573


    This is a somewhat bad chemistry topic, because you need a relatively strong grasp of physics (eg free body diagram on the marble and drag equation, consider the buoyant force, likely then use net force to find acceleration and time). Another thing is that any data you compare to are also empirically-found, rather than based on some theoretical model (ie very hard to extrapolate, can only interpolate). It does involve some thermodynamics (thermal chemistry) but it wouldn't be a strong chemistry topic, This would be an ok to good physics IA topic, though.
  4. kw0573

    Stolen idea

    It is also possible to find an academic source that says what your internet source says and cite that instead.
  5. Yeah so briefly explain what prompted you to change topic and how you came up with the new topic.
  6. Because the reflection determines your engagement grade, you should write it on your current topic, while mentioning how the topic change affected your research process. As the reflection is graded by the same examiner who is marking the EE, you should write it in Chinese.
  7. kw0573

    math exampler IA

    Some users have reported that this file is not accessible. You should be able to access the .pdf if you are a VIP.
  8. kw0573

    Help with Physics IA topics!!! Springs

    Both topics are ok. You could also investigate spring in series vs in parallel. The relationships are well known for both topics, which makes the experiment easy and almost trivial. You can get a good grade but you should look for a better topic if you want to get near perfect.
  9. kw0573

    Which maths should I take?

    I would like to point out IB is introducing Analysis/Approach (functions and calculus focused) and Applications/Interpretations (modelling and stats focused) courses to replace current studies, SL, HL and it will remove Further Math. I would probably suggest Analysis/Approach SL or Applications/Interpretations HL. Application/Interpretations SL is essentially Studies and is insufficient to prepare for pre-med, and at the other hand Analysis/Approach HL is entirely unnecessary.
  10. kw0573

    Surviving a grade 1 in exams?

    If you are struggling in any course or assessment, please be sure to communicate with your instructors so you get the help you need to pass IB.
  11. kw0573

    Surviving a grade 1 in exams?

    So the grades in IB works by taking a weighted average. This is a gross simplification, but if you get 3/20 on the IA and 15% on each of the final papers, that's a 2 and a conditional pass (if other grades are good enough). 1 is a definite fail. 2 is pass if a bunch of other conditions are met. I really hope that if you study hard enough, you can score 20+% on the papers which will not be automatic fails.
  12. kw0573

    Surviving a grade 1 in exams?

    A level 1 is 15% overall average. Are you absolutely sure that there's no way you can get 15% by your May 2019 exams?
  13. kw0573

    Mistake in EE

    I stand by what I said. I deleted it because I thought I should have give others an opportunity to answer. Anyways, it does sound like a large mistake but you should still pass.
  14. kw0573

    Help with HL Math IA (Calculus)

    The HL "Use of math" criterion describes sophistication as follows: If there is no sophistication, the highest you can get is 3/6 in use of math. A well-annotated derivation of regression formula would have been an excellent and foolproof way to connect calculus to stat. Data interpretation may make it difficult in scoring well in communication and personal engagement.
  15. kw0573

    Help with HL Math IA (Calculus)

    Yeah you can shoot me a private message or continue this thread.
  16. kw0573

    Help with HL Math IA (Calculus)

    Yeah the youtube video is what i'm talking about: find a way to use volume of revolution. It's quite possible that the math may be simplified if either cylindrical or spherical coordinates are used. Since most of these proofs are in Cartesian, if you managed to do it in cylindrical/spherical than that could be count as personal engagement.
  17. kw0573

    Help with HL Math IA (Calculus)

    You can approach this without invoking the Pappus' Centroid Theorem. I mean cylindrical and spherical coordinates (as surfaces are exist in 3-D spaces). There may be certain advantages to use a different coordinate system for certain geometries. Remember that it is not about the amount/quantity of math, but rather the depth and the connections you make. So it should not be a question of how many surface area to find but what theorems or math concepts you can use.
  18. kw0573

    Help with HL Math IA (Calculus)

    GDP vs HDI is too stats focused. The complete derivation of linear regression formula uses multivariate calculus (beyond HL) and I assume the same for polynomial regression. It's a somewhat unnecessary risk to learn diff. eqs for the IA, but you'll have to learn it anyways. I assume the IA is due soon and I suggest that you further develop your topic of ring, horn, spindle, such as by introducing non-Cartesian coordinates or introduce relations to other conic sections and their surface of revolutions. Basically if you are doing well at HL, you can get 15 ish pretty much with a lot of topic if you revise with care, but it's probably not worth to find the perfect topic and learn everything yourself just to score marginally higher. The surface of revolution is such a topic that can score 15 ish without great difficulty, if you add a significant portion of personal insight (which of course does not solely consist of math never to have been published by anyone in last 400 years of calculus)
  19. kw0573

    Help with HL Math IA (Calculus)

    I thought you have already discussed separable diff. eqs. If not, then this topic could be conceptually challenging. The IA is not about publishing new math, it's about demonstrating personal understanding at or beyond HL level. It should be appropriate to discuss the limitations of the model from a mathematical perspective, rather than an economic perspective.
  20. kw0573

    Help with HL Math IA (Calculus)

    I like Solow-Swan better than HDI vs GDP. Be sure to concisely explain what the symbols mean without going to deep into economic theory. However you must go beyond a proof of the model. For example you can discuss in some depth of the limitations of the model and its assumptions. In contrast, polynomial regression is interesting but somewhat lacking for a top-notch HL IA.
  21. You should tell your school IB coordinator and adviser (if any) about the schools you will be applying to, and the deadlines of submitting supporting materials. Your school will care of the predicted grades and submit them to the universities.
  22. kw0573

    Word Processor for Mock Exam!

    I do not know the context of the mock exam, but I assume it's a word processor like MS Word or LibreOffice Writer with no Internet capability and likely spelling/grammar check turned off.
  23. kw0573

    Math IA Help - Graphing

    For the sake of argument, let's call 1 / r^4 = x E = klx, which means E is proportional to x. I am not sure if this is relevant, but if you have the graph, you can obtain individual points (x, y) from the graph using the following online software https://automeris.io/WebPlotDigitizer/
  24. kw0573

    Math IA Help - Graphing

    Didn't you say E = kl/r^4 so E is proportional to 1/r^4?
  25. kw0573

    Math IA Help - Graphing

    You have the data for the plot, right? You plotted y = 1/x^4, but I mean to use values of E against values of 1/r^4

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