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  1. Hi. How about for professional courses like medicine/dentistry.(not so math related, but more science-related) Thanks.
  2. Thanks, TOK and CAS is really the reason why IB is more tough.
  3. As I said from the topic, what is your opinion?
  4. Hi all. I recently encountered a problem. I got decent points on my IB exam, (39 points), yet I Fail to obtain the offer for the target course that I choose: Medicine in the uk. I am going to study for an alternative course in the uk. My teacher advice me that I can apply for medicine in next year by UCAS. Therefore I have few questions: Do university give preference to those applicants in final year of high school, and doesn't like independent applicant like me? Am I applying as independent or 'school applicants' as I will be in another university? I am a student in Hong Kong. I am going to university for the first year in unviersity and apply to medicine in uk in that year as well. Is this feasible? Thanks for all your replies. I really appreciate your help.
  5. I requested it on July 8 and it comes back on 13rd July. No change in grade yet plus 1 point.
  6. I have it but it is only for each paper not subject. Different from previous years and list school name
  7. Perhaps Geography is easier. I have no idea because i didt take it. But in statistical bulletins, both geog and econ have more than 10% people getting 7 in HL.
  8. Economics HL is one of the easiest subject at HL level I feel.
  9. Thanks! But the problem with my class is that our coordinator actually just finished working for our school (he left after our results came out and discussing them with everyone who failed) and we still havent been introduced to the new coordinator :L Oh well... Do you have any clue when and if they will be available for us to view? We don't get to see our component grades on our accounts you see :/ I got my breakdown of results from school. It is available in the form of a one-page pdf, showing all your marks including how your internal assessment are moderated. Try to ask your coordinator to download it and send it to you from the online system (ibis?)
  10. I guess it wont. I take studies and I get offer from ucl.
  11. Hi all! I got my results and I am going to remark my Biology and Chinese Lang and Lit. They are both 2 points away from the next higher grade. Biology HL 2 more points = Grade 7 Chinese Lang and lit SL 2 more points = Grade 6 Since it's only 2 points away from next grade, I would surely go for a remark. Do you all think this is a good decision? I thank you all of your advices!
  12. I get 39 points. Good luck to all!
  13. unis in england accept near misses so 2 points below good luck x Yeah you probably should email them asking if they will accept you. There are still certain chances they will if you only miss 2 pooints.
  14. Congraz! I am hoping for at least 38 points with 17 points in HL. Just by the way, how do some people know their results already? i m confused.
  15. I think the IB don't want too many people entering the website at the same time. This might cause it to crash.
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