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  1. I don't think you can really say that it wasn't the only reason since you haven't met the people I've met. I also mentioned that I am not talking about people who have won scholarships either. I'm only talking about people who do not have the money or the means to go to a big name university but go ahead to because of its rank without considering other factors.
  2. Honestly I'm not sure if I agree 100%. There are some careers where this is actually true and it matters what university you came form but not most of the time. Countless times I've heard that it doesn't matter where you went to university because you eventually end up in the same place. My parents went to a university in rural Russia and both of them are Doctors now in America. This is true for all of my international friends' parents who went to places that had small universities. My father told me that people never ask him where he went to university because it doesn't matter. I guess maybe in today's society it matter but only for reputation. Anyways I think you're right in some aspect and for some careers but not all.
  3. I honestly do not get it. People seem to only want to go to the TOP universities and the most prestigious ones and not for education but because of the name. It kind of sad to see people who spend so much money on a university because of it's prestige and have to spend a lifetime paying of student loans. I understand that a lot of people go to these "top" or ivy league universities because the superior education but I see too many people saying "ya that university is x in the world, I want to go there" without a mention of the programs or the quality of teaching. I also hear about too many parents pressuring kids to go to a certain university because of its rank as well and then their kids have to pay off the student loans themselves. Maybe there's more to it that I can't understand but that's my opinion.... ps. I'm not hating on anyone bc if you get a scholarship or you live close or you have the ability to pay it off easily then I feel very happy for you. It's just the cases where the student doesn't have enough money or has to travel far and suffer on little food that i can't understand.
  4. I don't think you guys should base your opinions on Japan solely because of anime. You should know that Japan has a very high rate of suicide, their economy has not be the greatest lately and it's very hard to find a job there. I feel like many people make Japan into a fantasy place when it has just as many problems as the rest of the world. Nonetheless, Japan is culturally rich and is very interesting!
  5. In my school the IB students are respected but In other schools I've heard that Ib students are the "nerds that have no life." How is it in your school?
  6. just want to add that a lot of schools don't actually allow this option and retaking a subject is really expensive so thats something to consider Well.... let's not discourage anyone because some schools do offer it and it's extremely helpful. My old school did not allow this so when I moved after grade 11 and had to do my IB exams everyone had to do either 9 or 10 and I had to do 15. If your schools allows it, DO IT. It helps so much and reduces the stress that comes with exams but like Ibprincess said, a lot of schools don't have this option so be careful.
  7. So I'm officially done IB (hooray) but I've been reflected a lot on my two years. There were many things that I found out (concerning IB) towards the end of my IB life that I wish I had known around the beginning. I thought maybe the IB students who recently did their exams or alumni can write down the things they wish they had known so that the future generations can learn from us:P Personally, I wish I had known about all the past IB exams that existed on the internet. Although I did find them when exams exams around, I wish I had started practicing them earlier. So to the kids who still have a year or more to go, find those IB exams and practice!!
  8. First of all: Chill. It'll all work out, you're not doing your exams until next year and you shouldn't be this stressed for something that is far away. I don't really have advice on how to deal with rejection but I can give you a little bit of comfort. UBC loves IB students more than any other school I know. Almost all the IB kids in my school applied there and NOBODY go rejected. I have heard from kids who had done IB years before that they all got accepted too. They accept extremely low IB grades, even in th 20's. I also saw that you listed U of A as your Uni goals and they accepted me with just 31 points as my predicted grade for a really good science program. I was the same as you (although I wasn't stressing in grade 11) and this whole year I thought I wouldn't be accepted anywhere because I was doing so bad but you know what? I got accepted to everywhere I applied. One factor was that I had my provincial and IB grades. U of T is another goal of yours and I haven't met an IB student rejected by them and U of T is actually pretty easy to get into if you do IB. Just keep up with your goals and do your absolute best. Don't stress. I hope someone can give you advice on rejection but I thought maybe this cold ease your thoughts a bit.
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