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  1. Enoch

    Econ IA ideas?

    Sorry this is late but what commentary is this for? I finished my micro and macro commentaries Make a diagram of the effect of different taxes (ad valorem and flat tax) The Econ IA you have to define terms you used in it so yeah. A word limit of 750 is not much lol, You can use the terms ( Demerit good, Indirect tax and specific tax, Negative externalities of consumption, Market failure, Welfare loss, Elasticity of demand) to help you with the actual analysis If you have questions or need help pm me lol
  2. What was the IA out of a 7 or the the usual 20 or 24
  3. We have Spanish B, and French B Also Spanish AB intio, Chinese AB intio, and French AB intio All are SL
  4. Enoch

    The Oxbridge Guide

    Yeah but do I need a letter for a reference, or just information about my reference
  5. Enoch

    Yum or Yuck

    yuck, LOL im not a fan of chocolate Cheese cake?
  6. Enoch

    Continent Wars

    Asia 79 Africa 90 Europe 62 Australia 43 Antarctica 66 North America 43 Two points from Africa to Antarctica
  7. Enoch

    The Oxbridge Guide

    HELLO FELLOW IB STUDENTS, AND ALUMNI I was going through the UCAS process, and came to the reference section, do we need a reference letter, as well? Because I want to apply for Oxford, even if I dont get it I would like to try. I need to know as soon as possible because my reference needs at least two weeks to write my letter, and the UCAS for oxford is due on the 15th PLEASE HELP. Also do other universities such UCL, and ICL need similar things, and what about the registration deadline is it the 15th as well, send help I am in dire need of it Thank You -Enoch
  8. Enoch

    Study Guides

    I have gotten oxford study guides for bio, econ, and chem, the maths sl textbook, history course companion, and OSC for econ
  9. Enoch

    URGENT Esters IA help

    Hello, I am aiming to do an esters lab for my IA, however I was wondering how I could quantify the creation of esters. I was aiming to create esters, and either boil off the excess water, or make it undergo a condensation reaction with H2SO4. I plan to calculate the pH of the products, and want to know if there is anyway to increase the yield of esters by adding a catalyst, or by using a different method of preparation. I guess I could mass the final esters, and based on the molar mass of said ester, I can determine the amount of moles produced. But, my main issue is the manipulated, which would be increasing the yield, possibly the rate, but the creation of esters can take time. If you have any information please do, I need help urgently. Thank You.
  10. Enoch

    My HL Combination

    Biology HL is fairly easy, I enjoy biology for one so you should not have a problem with that, and English. However I would recommend taking a social science such as economics, or history as your 3rd HL instead of art, as they can actually help you in Law school. I hope this helps.
  11. Enoch

    Maths SL or Studies

    I was originally in math studies, but maths SL has ALOT more benefits, I could have easily gotten a 6 or 7 in studies, but I had to convince my Ib coordinator to put me in maths SL. IF all your other subjects are fairly strong, I recommend you stay in SL maths, but also look at if you university requires it or not, because many universities I have looked at do not accept math studies.
  12. NO DO NOT MIX HISTORY AND ECONOMICS. Economics requires a relatively new topic within the last 3 years, while History requires something that has occurred more than 10 years ago. If you are looking for the historical economics or something similar you could potentially do that but after you are registered for a subject area for your EE, DO NOT stray away as this can hurt your mark significantly.
  13. Enoch

    What did you all do for Personal Project?

    OHHHH, Ok I never went through MYP, as it isnt that important or well known here, as the DP is thank you just curious.
  14. Enoch

    What did you all do for Personal Project?

    What is this personal project for???
  15. Enoch

    HALP: Urgent EE decisionmaking

    I am also doing my ee on the arab Israeli conflict, I think you should the 3rd or 5th topics the rest are REALLY broad pm me if you need more help, I have done lots of research in this

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