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  1. i am going to vomit and fly into the sun, i can't even see my results yet because the site has crashed
  2. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CKCSZ8Z It's super quick, non-binary friendly, and would be beyond helpful. I put it off and I need 100+ responses by tonight, share if you feel so inclined. It's two multiple choice questions.
  3. I guess it depends on how strict your CAS coordinator is. My mom is is my supervisor for activities such as the ones you mentioned. For myself and action hours, I keep a log of my activities and my mom signs off on it, and my CAS coordinator is cool with that. I just take a picture, or scanning it in would work well, and upload that to ManageBac as evidence.
  4. I wrote a novella about mental health.
  5. I think it totally is, restricting what a girl wears and not boys is ridiculous.
  6. As bethiedrama101 said, the existential crisis isn't uncommon and you shouldn't feel alone. It sort of comes with the territory of being on the brink of adulthood and having stresses, such as choosing a school that will (arguably) define the rest of your life. You don't have to think that way though, and I know it's easier said than done because I have been spending the last few weeks doing the same thing, but we have to try. For example, right now I am having the classic senior year worry: if I don't get good grades and test scores then I won't get into a good school then I won't get into a good grad school then I won't get a good job and I won't be able to afford a house and no one will love me because I suck and I am unsuccessful and I will die alone underneath a mound of angry cats that need to be fed. Just remember that your college doesn't have to define you for the rest of your life, let's say I bomb my senior exams and don't get into the college I wanted. I come up with an alternative route, I go to a less-accredited college for a year and transfer to the college I wanted. This is just an example of how you can turn negative thinking into a more positive train of thought. I know, it seems impossible and trying to de-rail the trainwreck our minds can be is hard but in the end, life is going to happen. Nothing will be exactly as you envisioned it in your head and you have to sort of accept that realize somethings will be sh*t compared to what you imagined and somethings will be so much more wonderful, it's inevitable and it's life and it's gorgeous. message me anytime if you're still stressing and need someone to talk to
  7. This does happen a lot. My former post sounds like I judge others for their choice to consume meat but I never in people's face about it. I voice how I feel, only if someone asks, and move on with my life. I get a lot of people saying very rude/hurtful things, threatening to put meat in my food and constantly making jokes about the meat they're eating. It's strange.
  8. I definitely see it as unethical to eat meat, especially if one has the means to do otherwise. One cannot claim that the animal did not suffer to get meat, it's essentially inarguable in the US meat & dairy industry. We're abusing these sentient beings for self-pleasure. Even if one has to eat meat to live healthfully, for example in a very low income family, that does not make it ethical. It makes it necessary, which is different. Animals are not ours to consume, we're here to coexist. I sound a little hippy-dippy, but I believe it 100%.
  9. I think number two would be awesome and possibly, to me at least, more engaging. You could look at how the Jewish population was treated in various (SPECIFIED) countries as a condition of the culture and society that they were in. for example, explore tsarist Russia and the monarchy's relationship with the Jews. I think that one would be awesome.
  10. mine is 4,052 words. I haven't done the footnotes yet, instead just put the citation next to it incase I was to easily go back and find more info while writing.
  11. hey guys, it's too late now because my WA is due tomorrow but I realized I'm having a pretty hard time getting rid of passive voice (or sometimes even spotting it). I thought that even though I can't do anything really about my WA, it would be good to learn how to get rid of it for future papers, in all subjects. I don't know. do you guys have any tips for spotting and ridding of passive voice?
  12. I don't think they can disqualify you for that, if anything they may take marks off of one of the rubrics. It's more of cinematic warning because some filmmakers would get too wrapped up in blood, gore and special FX rather than actually using the film techniques IB wants. everything in the film should contribute to meaning or plot, so if it's superficial and pointless, then they may take a few marks. as long as it isn't shot from one angle with no cuts and bad editing, you'll be fine.
  13. I've actually been planning my summer as well, it's never mentioned that we should study for next year but it's not abnormal for country's students to do so, so i will be doing that. I am hoping to have a rough draft of my EE done by mid-June so I can focus on studying. I'm going to swim for CAS, keep updating my photography website and my pro-environmental website (both CAS), hopefully work so I can buy books for exams next year, study vocab and grammar for French (my French is terrible), study for history, read at least 3 of the texts for literature next year, work on math review, OH and I have to write my script and storyboard for my film. also work on my film portfolio so I can apply to film schools in the fall. anyone have any tips for studying during the summer when you don't have any program to do it within?
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