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  1. Yepppp
  2. I found paper 1 and 2 both to be quite easy. For paper one, I chose text A and found that there was a lot to talk about in it. Overall paper 1 was good, but imo I feel like I did better in paper 2. How about you?
  3. Thank you so much for the reply! I asked my teacher about this and she told me that we have to memorise the prescribed practicals that we have learned over the two years as we may be asked about that, I'm not sure where to go with that tbh
  4. Hi guys, Bio paper 3 is in 2 days and I'm still struggling to understand what we have to specially know in section A. Can someone please tell me and link some useful websites? Thank you so much.
  5. Treat you better in my pants
  6. Hi guys, I was thinking of doing my TOK presentation on feminism but I don't know if that'd be a good choice. How can I do the presentation without it being too bias etc?? Any ideas are appreciated!!!! Thank you!
  7. Hey guys, Ok so 2 other people from my class have chosen the same topic as me for the maths IA, we're all doing it on the Olympics and the question is VERY similar. I'm so stressed right now because I have submitted my final draft to my teacher and he told me to change it, COMPLETELY. He wants it by monday but I also have my ee and other stuff to do so I have no idea what to do right now. I thought of another topic like right now, I'm thinking of comparing the literacy rates in different countries but I have no idea where I'm going with that. I'm soooo stressed, someone please help!!!!
  8. Can someone help me? I'm trying to find the theoretical value of the solubility of NaOH in 10 ˚C . I can't find it anywhere though :/
  9. So for my chem IA, I determined if varying temperatures affect the solubility of NaOH. I've written up my report but I didn't add any calculation for the errors or anything like that. Will I lose marks on that? If so, how much marks will be taken off?
  10. Erm....
  11. Is a line of best fit curved or straight? I mean I know both of them have to be as close to the points as possible but for my IA I need it to linear but the points are a bit curved. Can I still use it as a linear or do I have to make it exponential?
  12. Oh... but I thought we are able to do an IA on anything as long as it's not in one of the prescribed topics...??
  13. Hello and thank you so much for replying! I thought about my IA for a while and I have come to a conclusion that I don't reckon this idea would be successful. I have, however come up with another topic which seems more reasonable. For this one I will be determing how temperature effects the permeability of membrane. So basically the effect that temperature has on the structural integrity of the plasma membrane. By observing the amount of the betalain pigment released from beetroot cells as temperature increases. So you reckon this is better than the animal physiology? Thank you!
  14. Do you reckon that comparing the structure of the heart of an animal with a human heart is necessary? Can I not just compare two different animals? Also, I fear that is this more of a research based ia rather than a hands on one. Thank you so much for the reply though!
  15. For my bio ia I was thinking of doing something relating to human physiology, I wanted to compare the hearts of two different animals such as a rabbit or a sheep but I am unsure of how to carry this out as an ia. Like I am not sure what I should be comparing in the heart, should I be comparing the blood flow, the structure of it or what? And I am also unsure if this is a viable experiment to do and if it is acceptable in the IB. Please helppp, any suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!