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  1. I do not know how many different artworks/ artists I am allowed to compare. What is the minimum and maximum?
  2. Thanks for the advice! I'll save my money for the new edition
  3. I am considering buying this textbook to give me some extra support with my mathematics SL studies. Is this book still relevant ? It was published in 2012 and is an oxford series http://www.amazon.com/Mathematics-Standard-Oxford-Diploma-Programme/dp/0198390114/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1437956336&sr=8-2&keywords=ib+math+sl
  4. picking IB courses is a very concious and important decision that decides your future. Don't let yourself feel obliged to taking excercise science just because you heard from a few people that Economics is terrible. Economics will get you accepted easier to universities. I am not trying to come off as rude, but I'm just trying to give you the best advice out there for you. A lot of options will open up for you in the future if you take economics. Then again, it is your decision and everyone is different, but I would strongly suggest that in every decision you make in IB, you understand the benefits and downsides of every option. Good luck!
  5. jcbrnko

    Getting a 45/45

    It is not impossible to receive a 45/45. It requires extreme amount of work & a bit of luck. Final exams are graded anonymously. Different exam officers all around the world will be grading your papers so it is never biased. You would have to hope that the exam officers really loved your essays
  6. Hello. I am an upcoming IB student for september 2015. There are 13 existing IB schools in france and I was wondering if any of my classmates next year are on this forum. If you are attending the International Bilingual School of Provence in southern France, message me! I'd love to get in contact and meet a student
  7. Hello, I am an american student preparing for my first year of IB in september 2015. I will be in an international school in France. I'd like to apply to US Unis, preferably Ivy Leagues. If anybody can answer some of my questions that's been troubling me, that would be very kind. - Do US Unis only look at grades from the 2 IB Years? (I took grades 9th and 10th in the United States and I'd like to know if those years will count) I am aware that some american high schools that offer the IB program calculate a GPA over the course of 4 years. However, my french high school doesn't calculate a GPA. How will I be processed into admissions if my 2 years of American high school counts?
  8. jcbrnko

    Difference between A1 and A2

    A1- Pure litterature (Should be taken with your first native language, or in the language you feel most efficient) A2- A sufficient amount of literature with some grammar studies (Second Language, should have close to or near fluency to be in following these courses)
  9. jcbrnko

    Predicted Grades - Finalised in September

    Something like that requires a lot of work. Nobody, honestly, NOBODY can stop you from achieving your goals but yourself. If you really want a huge score improvement, you need to prove to yourself that you really want it by working at it. It is not impossible, the mind can achieve great things
  10. jcbrnko

    Does Internet do more harm than good?

    The internet is a tool for harm and good. Only the individual can decide on the path they are going to take
  11. jcbrnko

    Do you study with music?

    Sometimes the music ruins my concentration, that is why I never study with music. However, during pauses, I like to listen to music that I like to keep me in a good mood and let my mind be refreshed.
  12. jcbrnko

    ESS or Biology?-College Credit Question

    I'm focusing in universities in the US. Do universities look for certain IB classes to be taken? Or do they accept all IB courses?
  13. Today is the day where I have to choose my courses. I am really interested in taking ESS, but I heard that some colleges might not accept the course as a credit. Is it better to take Biology?
  14. I am one of many who will be starting the IB Diploma Program in fall of 2015. I will be in an international boarding school abroad. Does anybody here have any experience being in a boarding school enrolled in the IB? I'm looking forward to making lots of close friends in this boarding school. We can make study groups and tackle the IB together. -Did you make lots of friends? -Did you and your friends help each other out? -Did you share a room or did you have your own? If you had to share a room what was it like? -How easy was it to get in touch with your teachers? -Did you feel at home? -Did you have more or less distractions from studies? -Did you have a generally bad/good experience? *Any general advice for upcoming IB boarders? ( I am an american student who is attending one of only 13 schools in France that teach the IB Diploma. If you are an IB student in France, please contact me. I would like to have contact with someone that is experiencing the same thing as I am next year)
  15. I found this response very helpful. Thank you!

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