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  1. Hello! I need help to collect my data for my mathematics IA. I am doing the correlation between GPA and sleeping hours. Could you please answer this survey? I really need more data THANKS! https://goo.gl/forms/Y3SnZ9LKPxFj2Ehg2
  2. Hello everyone! My Spanish teacher told us to work on our Tarea 1 (I think you call it Written Assigment in English, not sure) However she did not explain what to do. When we ask her she says ¨read pages 43, 44 and 45 of the Spanish guide¨ I really don´t know what to do or what to write about! Could you please explain this to me? I would love to recieve tips as well!
  3. They look for 85-87 maybe 90 in the TOEFL internet-based score, (maximum score is 120). I took the TOEFL just if I need it, I am not sure if the universities that I´ll apply for asks for them. I think that you should take the test just if you need the scores. Maybe you won´t be able to apply with your IB scores
  4. I think that your school it´s okay. Mine is not. Last year only 4 students out of 11 got the IB diploma, some of them didn´t care because they knew that they had scholarships waiting for them. The year before that one, there were only 4 students in IB, none of them got the diploma. They blame the earthquakes that hit the country. This year, there are like 16 students studying the diploma but only 6 paid for the exams. Maybe 4 would get the diploma. The highest score that my school got was 39. In my class, 17 students take the IB classes, only 6 will pay for the diploma. Again, your school doesn´t seem that bad.
  5. Hey! I would like to know which books did you read for Spanish A Language and Literature. My teacher told us that it is important to have the same theme in each book and we should choose carefully. She recommends books that we already read and we don´t like. Can you put your lists here? Thanks!
  6. My classmate is writing his essay about the Force on Star Wars. I would recommend you Harry Potter, it was written for kids but since the first novel (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer´s stone) you can see adult messages through the characters.
  7. US universities don´t look at IB scores. You should tell us your GPA, how good were your recommendations letters and if you feel that your essay was good enough
  8. Hello! I need to take two SAT II test in order to fulfill my admission requirements for some universities, I was wondering if I could take French SAT II with my knowledge from French Ab. I began to take French since 9th grade in school, besides that I am taking personal classes since 10th grade. I took French A2 and I felt pretty well actually, I want to take the B1 on May. Do you think I will be able to take test? If not, which ones do you recommend? I can´t take SAT II Spanish since it´s my first language
  9. Use flash cards! These are the best thing you can do! Take a flash card and name it Tener - to have (presente) or whatever tense you´re studying, then write all the verbs and repeat them many times. Take a sheet of paper and try to write all the verbs, check them. If all of them are right, move to the next verb/tense if not, repeat at least 10 times all the conjugation. You must practice pronunciation too, read out loud the conjugation When you ¨know¨ 5 verbs try to repeat them all over again, together. You can also try to learn words that sound similar to you, this comes easy if you know French or Italian.
  10. This is an English speaking community. The only places where the use of foreign languages is allowed are the language forums and PMs. If you wish to write in a foreign language, you need to provide a translation. He probably did it because seems like HectorCabrera33 takes IB in Spanish, Osavio9 provided the translation between the brackets.
  11. Ok I don't really know that much about South African history, but for the first RQ... you should be more specific. Your ideas sound interesting, but be more explicit in your RQ; state the period of time for your topic. My advice is to pretend that the person reading your paper doesn't know anything about your topic. For your second one, I would reword the question a bit because there are some grammatical errors. Rephrase it as: to what extent did Nelson Mandela use Rugby in order to unify South Africa? I recommend doing more preliminary research on your ideas and see which one you think would be best or see if you can come up with other ideas for research. Thank you! So, for the first question I should add more information like the year, right? To what extent was the 1995 Rugby World Cup responsible for South Africa´s unification? (What do you think) I have done reseach about the topic but I am not sure how to write a good research question. My ee teacher guide didn´t help me that much neither
  12. Hello everyone! I will write my EE on History. My topic is the South Africa´s unification in the Nelson Mandela´s government. I want to focus on Rugby at that time. I would like to know if you can read some of my research questions that I have. * To what extent was Rugby responsible for South Africa´s unification? * To what extent Nelson Mandela used Rugby in order to unify South Africa? Those are the research questions that I have formulated. I am not sure if they are right. Please give me feedback, if there is something wrong, tell me. I would like to begin my EE in the best way possible. Thank you
  13. Hello! I have problems with vocabulary too! I speak two languages and learn another two, so it´s a real problem. What I recommend you is to conjugate the verbs MANY times, as many times as you need to learn them. In French pronunciation is really important since you don´t pronounce the words as you write them. So while you are writing each word you should be pronouncing it. I also recommend you to separate the ¨types¨ of verbs, there are verbs in group 1, 2 and 3. For other than verbs, you should find words that might be in other language or sound like the language that you speak. For me, it was way easier to learn in German that the verb senden means to send, schicken took me more time to learn the conjugation and usage because it sounds nothing like English or Spanish. Bon chance!
  14. Hello. I have problems with my EE question too, so I won´t be able to help you. However, I wanted to tell you that the title of the post doesn´t attract many people. You should try with EE History Research Questions on (topics) that way you´ll get more feedback
  15. As far as I know the Deutsche Schule in Nicaragua teaches all the subjects in German except Spanish and English. It sounds tough though, German is really difficult, I am studying it like for 3 year and a half and i know nothing I take all the subjects in English, except French and Spanish, so yeah, not that hard. I been in the school for 2 weeks and it doesn´t seem that hard, but it´s a lot of work. btw. Do you know if there is a C1 Deutsch exam in El Salvador? Thank you for the good luck, I´ll need it
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