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  1. You can always try to apply to some that are above what you are predicted. The Uni I'm leaving for next month had requirements above what I was predicted!
  2. Stop now. Go do A-Levels.
  3. If you are a May 2016 candidate, you would have taken the most recent Biology syllabus. There will be no changes in 2017.
  4. In addition to what kw0573 said, you can also talk to your school's higher education counselor if you have one. They are bound to have seen this situation before and could give you some decent advice.
  5. I wrote an Extended Essay debating whether Genetic Modification/Engineering is the answer to the global food crisis. Based on food but with a more scientific aspect.
  6. Don't accuse your teachers of not caring if you pass or not. But in any case, you can submit a complaint here. http://www.ibo.org/contact-the-ib/feedback-and-complaints/
  7. Sorry to hear about your daughter’s situation but I think it’s quite unfair to blame the IBO for this. The problem seems to lie with the school; I suggest you take this complaint up with the IBO directly, if they’re unaware of this problem at a center qualified to teach the IB then future students may suffer the same problem. In future though, you can’t really always rely on teachers to pass your exams. It takes a lot of effort outside the classroom as well.
  8. What you're referring to is the old style of paper. They updated the syllabus and now there are four texts with accompanying questions. Don't worry - they don't use the 100 word question anymore. As long as you answered all the questions in the boxes you'll be fine.
  9. No. http://www.ibo.org/programmes/diploma-programme/curriculum/the-arts/film/
  10. For a lot of it...the night before the exam!!! So my "May 2016" will be changing to Nov 2016 hehehe
  11. Seconding this - look at the mark schemes and they'll give you exactly what you need to know. IBO knows what they want more than your teachers do.
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