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  1. Where can I find IB style questions for all the subjects? Is there any website that compiles them?
  2. If I do IB, will its level be enough to also take the AP exam? Is it harder? Is it easier? Will I have to study extra syllabus to attempt AP? I want to know everything about AP, the test, the syllabus etc
  3. Do I need to know German to be able to study at a german uni? The courses will be in english right?
  4. what do i write in my college essays for ivy league, if im going undecided and idk what im going to do yet...? I have no clue as to what I like...
  5. Is it impossible to get a 45/45 in the IB diploma? If it is possible, what kind of hardwork does it require?
  6. Does it an unimaginable amount of hardwork and practice? Why is it the hardest?