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  1. Where can I find IB style questions for all the subjects? Is there any website that compiles them?
  2. If I do IB, will its level be enough to also take the AP exam? Is it harder? Is it easier? Will I have to study extra syllabus to attempt AP? I want to know everything about AP, the test, the syllabus etc
  3. Do I need to know German to be able to study at a german uni? The courses will be in english right?
  4. how do i organize my study hours everyday for the 6 subjects? do i give more time to hl? how do prioritise my time wisely? also any other tips on organization....
  5. Can someone tell me how I can make a schedule for the two years of IB, so itll be easy organize and follow?
  6. What exactly is an IA? what do you have to do in it?
  7. Which things should I do when in the two years of IB, i wanna learn to plan my time, as to get the most out of it.
  8. what do i write in my college essays for ivy league, if im going undecided and idk what im going to do yet...? I have no clue as to what I like...
  9. Is it impossible to get a 45/45 in the IB diploma? If it is possible, what kind of hardwork does it require?
  10. Why not oxford or cambridge?
  11. Does it an unimaginable amount of hardwork and practice? Why is it the hardest?
  12. Does it an unimaginable amount of hardwork and practice? Why is it the hardest?
  13. just give me some examples. because what do you research about in a subject like english, etymologies and stuff? I dont understand..
  14. I would like to know which books/texts will be read in Eng Literature and Lang HL as per the syllabus, so I can start reading them early during my summer vacations. Thanks
  15. i want to know about the whole collegiate system of US when you take the SAT(redesigned)? Which colleges are the best for economics/journalism/law/psy what it takes to get into ivy league colleges...and more please tell me everything i need to know all about UK system as well