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  1. Hey, I'm doing my History EE on the question "How did the Kashmir conflict of 1947 become the core political dispute between India and Pakistan between the years 1947 to 1956?" Firstly, I was wondering if that question is okay or if I should change it to "How did Indo-Pak relations, regarding the Kashmir conflict of 1947, develop during the years 1947 to 1956?" It's not that different to the first one but I'm not sure which one makes more sense. Secondly, I've been putting off my EE so much this summer because I have no idea how I'm meant to structure it. I understand the basic structure of any EE - Intro, Body and analysis, and conclusion - but how is a history EE meant to be structured? Finally, (yes using sign posting because I just did my Eng IOC) I have all my research and almost all my sources say the same thing - the underlying dispute behind the Kashmir conflict lies in the conflict of ideology and nationalism between India and Pakistan. Should I answer my question by saying that "while Kashmir is the main dispute, the conflict goes much deeper into difference of ideology and pride of both states"? Also, I'm screwed because I was meant to have a draft done by the time my school starts - which is in 2 days...so if you could thoroughly help with all that ^, I will somehow send you chocolates and gifts :-)
  2. I'm doing a history EE on the Kashmir conflict and my research question currently is "Discuss how the 1947 Kashmir conflict became the core political dispute between India and Pakistan during the years of 1947 to 1956?" or possibly "How did the 1947 Kashmir conflict become the core political dispute between India and Pakistan during the years of 1947 to 1956?" Firstly, can you please review the question and let me know if it's an appropriate question? Secondly, I need to fill out the "Justification of Relevance" which asks to explain how my research question is relevant to my study...I'm not too sure about how to answer this, can someone help with this especially? Thank you guys!!
  3. Just curious, what's the difference between Language A1 and A2? My school has A, B, and ab initio but no difference in A.
  4. So I've been trying to come up with a Maths IA topic for about a month now and my teacher isn't helping at all, whatsoever. I know he's not meant to help that much but I've always been bad at Maths investigations so this is stressing me out. Here are the ideas so far: - Probability of getting a shot into the pocket in pool: comparing a close yet awkward angle shot to a far yet ideal angle shot - Profit maximisation (involves econometrics) - Minimum/maximum point in roller-coasters - Projectile motion and calculating the maximum point (I don't know what exactly to calculate the motion of) I have all these ideas and a vague idea of the maths involved but I don't really know exactly how to use the maths and what else I would need to do in the actual investigation. For example, I know that maximisation would involve getting data, somehow differentiating it, and now I'm stuck. I need to get the proposal to my teacher in 2 days and I've given him all these ideas and more but he's turned them down for lack of development of the idea. Please please help!
  5. So I have mock exams coming up and this will have some effect on my predicted grades for uni. I've been trying to revise for these mocks for a while but I have no idea how to revise for my languages (English A SL and Chinese B SL)...help!!
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