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  1. Oh you are an angel! He is usually code-switching in different interviews between formal English, Patois (creole language), so I will try to make some consistency so the teacher would understand the answers( as you said basic grasp of Jamaican Patois English). Sorry what did you mean by K&U?
  2. If it’s for part 1 then the topic would be ‘Language and power’ with the learning outcome ‘Analyse how audience and purpose affect the structure and content of texts.’. If it’s for part 2 then the topic would be ‘Persuasive Language in Political speeches’ with the learning outcome ‘Show an awareness of the potential for educational, political or ideological influence of the media.’ Or ‘Show the way mass media use language and image to inform, persuade, or entertain.’ Now, is the Malala speech (2013) for the UN considered as a political speech? Because whenever I look at examples for part 2 topic about speeches and FOAs, I literally never saw any example of a non-presidential speeches, all of them was about individuals aiming to be elected for president. However, I am supposed to analyse the speech, but wouldn’t it be analysing for both parts (just the focus of the analysis would be a little different for part 1&2)?
  3. So would you recommend to use 'art censorship' (because it doesn't only focus on language) instead of 'language censorship'? Or is identifying both WoK and AoK more relevant?
  4. I am going to perform a TOK presentation and decided it would concern the censorship of offensive language or curse words. My focus is going to be on how 'the freedom of art" and the ethical issues, meaning the freedom to express oneself and to protect (ex. underaged people). Meaning it will mainly concern censorship (language) in art. However I am confused as to how to formulate my KQ. Which one of the following knowledge questions should be more appropriate to the TOK Presentation: To what extent is art censorship justified by the government? To what extent should the government censor television? To what extent is censorship in television industry justified? To what extent does censorship of language affect our knowledge? Should offensive language be censored? What is the relationship between language and ethics? To what extent should offensive language be censored? Any better ideas?
  5. Hi, I had planned to pretend to interview Bob Marley to ask about his attitude towards English, creoles and pidgins, and linguistic imperialism. The issue is that I am supposed to show how his use of language express his identity and he speaks in Jamaican English, so I am supposed to write his answers for the interview in Jamaican English too? Any ideas if I have understood this correctly? I would really appreciate any help!
  6. Good day, I have to perform an FOA and I decided to use the Malala speech to analyse. I have been confused to whether this is linked to part 1 or part 2 of the course. So which part of the course would this particular FOA idea be more relevant to link to? Is the analysis of a speech supposed to be for part 1 or part 2 of the course? With which learning outcomes and topic (possibly)?
  7. Oh wow I had no idea about the situation in Denmark. So unfortunate... And here in Sweden the IB Programme is well known for it´s quality and difficulty but still, they do not value the IB points at all (for Uni)... Anyways, wish you the very best!!
  8. So happy you found one!!! I wouldn't mind it being anywhere in Sweden but I dont think I could go to Norway (as you said it´s really expensive). Yet, I wonder which school, the price and if it was for re-takes or just normal Exams?
  9. Hey! Yeah I contacted every IB school in Sweden around May and I contacted them again in June but unfortunately no one offered November re-takes or Exams. But you can try, perhaps something changed! I do not know If there is a way to make it happen, maybe if we let them know that we would want to take the exams (if we are enough of students), they might think about it or so but I am not sure. @hk18
  10. No, unfortunately. I called and emailed all IB schools here and no one seemed to offer November exams.
  11. Hello, Because of personal reasons I couldn't sign up for the May Exam 2017 and I truly want to do the exam this year and I would appreciate if you could inform me about who could possibly offer November Exam 2018 in Sweden. Thank you in advance
  12. Hello, I have lack of time to be able to conduct an experiment my own in a lab for my Biology IA. I have no idea about how to write a Database for the Internal Assessment in Biology and would truly appreciate it if someone could explain to me how to write it. The structure? What do I must include when writing a Database in this case? Examples? I
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