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  1. I'm not sure if this is an appropriate question to ask, so let me know if it isn't! I'm retaking my Maths Studies exams this November as I got a low grade and I really need to aim for a 6 in order to get my foot in the door in terms of applying to a teaching course. I'm rubbish at maths, but it's just something I need to ace to pursue the career I want. I'm currently revising by doing past papers and initially I was using an old grading scale to figure out what I'll get, but of course (as many classmates have told me) the grades you get in the exams really depend on how everyone else scores. So I wanna know how many of you who have taken the exams have managed to score over a 5 in Maths? And did the majority of your grade get high grades, or what was the norm?? In terms of percentages, what is the equivalent to a 6 in Maths Studies? I'd be grateful for any input!
  2. Hey all, I'm looking for IA examples that use data found from another sources, NOT from a survey the student has set up themselves.
  3. It's true that a lot of UK universities don't even know the difference between Studies and SL, but they generally do expect a 5 at SL which is like a 6 in Studies. The universities you've listed were a few of my initial choices too and I can tell you that they are quite hard to get into, so if you're sticking with Studies, aim for a 7. Try emailing them directly too because a few will tell you that Studies doesn't meet their entry requirements, whilst others will say it's okay.
  4. Our teacher used Doc Schuster for like 30% of our syllabus. He talks quite quickly but really breaks down the trickier topics in a comprehensible way.
  5. I had Astro which was refreshingly easy in comparison to 1 and 2. I was actually kind of annoyed by how much I revised for it and there were very few questions to properly test my knowledge (it seemed easier than past papers?). I doubt it will make much of a difference in with my exam results though.
  6. Just wondering. Are they allowed to look at them before they are sent off or not really? And if a student fails an exam/chooses to resit, do we/our teachers get them back?
  7. Yeah everyone in my class felt the same. I already felt pessimistic so I just sort of saw it coming, though the moment we got Paper 1 I knew I was totally ****ed. The majority of my class on the other hand (who are in HL Physics and Math) they found it soul-crushing. A lot of them couldn't finish Paper 2 and we all predict we'll get 3s or 4s out of this. It's reassuring to know that other international students felt the same because now we know that we weren't at fault. I'm hopeful for Paper 3 (we have Astro) but there's now a good chance that it will be as difficult and random as the previous papers. Personally I've decided to retake Physics in November no matter what my results are. I feel really cheated that all my efforts throughout the two years aren't worth for **** because of these exams.
  8. FYI I asked my IB coordinator about using gel pens and he said technically they are (or used to be?) banned/not considered appropriate to use, but what the examiners really care about is how visible your writing is. As long it's not erasable or another colour asides from black and blue, gel pens are fine.
  9. So I basically did a very similar experiment but I'm in SL and I don't know if what I chose to focus on was a bit too basic. I initially chose something more complex with solar energy and it was a disaster despite all my efforts (and my teacher's). He told me the best thing to do was go for something simple as long as I really explore the investigation and make it look good. I got a 7 even though I'm rubbish at Physics. I can send you my IA to get an idea of what to do.
  10. So I'm very pessimistic about how well I'll do in the exams even though they just started for me. I already know that I'll fail a few. It's not an excuse but due to our IB school's mismanagement, students like me who were taking Art HL had deadlines which were about less than a week ago, so I didn't have much time to cram in Physics and History and those are heavily packed subjects. I want to already consider retaking a few of my exams in November so that I can get the grades I need for my first choice uni. Since I applied for a deferred entry, can they still hold my place whilst I retake? Or do I need to apply again after I retake?
  11. I have a pdf with all the 2016 specimen papers and markschemes. I can send it to you (although idk if that's against the rules on here?) You can check them out to see if they're any different to what you received. Though I vaguely remember going through the markscheme for paper 3 with my teacher and there were mistakes in there too.
  12. Same! I went through the Conduct of the Examinations doc our IB coordinator sent us and there's nothing in there about gel pens. I was just about to comment on this thread saying how MUJI gel pens are great to use.
  13. So I've been listening to a lot of podcasts whilst studying lately but they're all film related. Would like to prevent myself from getting distracted from too much entertainment. Anyone know of podcasts that cover topics in IB History and Physics? Would love to download ones that actually cover the syllabus. Feel free to suggest podcasts for other subjects btw! Might be helpful.
  14. I still have one uni that hasn't responded yet. But thanks for redirecting me to the site because I didn't know where to find that info.
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