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  1. How many knowledge issues (Knowledge Question) is required for TOK essay? Also the number of claims? Thank you
  2. Hi ! I am doing my EE in psychology and when I am searching or my data I found one forum in IBS that there was some guys in this world who have already done same EE with exact same research question as mine in last 3-4 years :(. This is fortuitous as I have my decided research question with my supervisor and not copy from anyone. Will this be allow ? or will it affect my marks? I dont want to change my research question again as I already did so much research.
  3. I am doing my Extended Essay in psychology. I have found some articles on the internet regarding my topic. Is it enough? From where you get your information and data source for EE I also have less idea on how to write EE in psychology. Please give me some advice regarding how to write EE in psychology and how it should be . Also how a get a good grade I am doing on Criminal Psychology Thank you
  4. I have unfortunately found this on the internet. Is it the real May 2017 timetable officially announced by IBO ??? Thank you
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