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  1. thirdcultureteenSH->UK

    How difficult is Math HL

    Hey there, If you really were doing that well in maths in Korea, then I'd say go for IB HL maths. Assuming that you haven't deteriorated much while studying in America, given that you're not finding it very challenging, I think you'll find Maths HL just fine. I studied maths in a half public half international school in China, and found most of the core syllabus of Maths HL quite easy. It can be difficult sometimes, but as long as you're not careless and you figure out how to hit the marks (I sometimes lose marks simply because I don't write down all the steps), a 7 is definitely possible.
  2. thirdcultureteenSH->UK

    Recommended Subjects for CompSci

    I would recommend taking IB Compsci, because it will contribute to your knowledge of computer science, and maybe even expose you to new areas that you can investigate and explore on your own (which would be a good personal statement thing to talk about)!
  3. thirdcultureteenSH->UK

    Ib Subjects

    I think it sounds fine! I agree with the above poster - Econ can be quite boring, but if you like econ, it should be fine. I currently do Maths HL and I absolutely love it! But I do know quite a few people who are having a really tough time with it. So if you want to know if you'll be able to do well, I'd suggest asking your current maths teacher. I also do English A HL and really enjoy it. It can be a bit difficult, but it honestly depends on how much you enjoy literature. Physics SL is definitely a very easy SL subject, so that will give you a lot more time to deal with your other subjects. I'm not sure if top US unis require HL maths, but the top UK ones definitely do.
  4. thirdcultureteenSH->UK

    Subject combination

    I agree with the above poster that it looks like a good subject combination for physics/astronomy! Though I'm not too sure in terms of how manageable it is. It honestly depends on the workload you think you can handle. I know a lot of people who find Maths HL or Physics HL particularly challenging, but if you like the subject and you're prepared to work, you'll definitely be fine!
  5. thirdcultureteenSH->UK

    Primary Sources in a History EE

    Hi! I'm currently working on my EE, which is about coffeehouses in the Ottoman Empire in the 16th-17th centuries. Because of the time period (and the nature of my topic), I can't find many primary sources that I can access. There aren't much to begin with, but the ones that do exist are usually un-accessible to students and in a language I can't understand on my own. Is this a big issue if I have secondary sources that reference these primary sources, with one of them translating a significant amount of the primary sources he used in the text? And how could I address this issue of primary sources in my EE? Thank you so much!
  6. thirdcultureteenSH->UK


    Hey! I'd definitely love to have a penpal! Sounds like a lot of fun!
  7. thirdcultureteenSH->UK

    What computer do you guys use for school?

    I use a MacBook Pro 13 in. with Retina. It's really great for doing everyday stuff, but probably not if you're really into computers/coding/gaming (you get what I mean). If you're on a tight budget, then get a second hand one from Apple. They tend to be in pretty good shape and are much, much cheaper. Mine has 256 GB (double of my last MacBook Air) and I think it has more than enough space (as long as you don't keep random crap in your laptop and regularly use applications like Dr. Cleaner). On the topic of Windows vs. iOS, it is true that Macs will go much slower with the Windows program, but there are applications (like Wine/WineBottler) that will let you use Windows applications without turning your whole Mac into a Windows laptop. Macs are also super useful if you have an iPhone/iPad (had an iPhone before I got my Mac. It was a pretty big decision making factor).
  8. thirdcultureteenSH->UK

    AP and IB

    From what I've heard from other students, they're pretty similar (or the IB is harder). But for certain subjects, the IB and AP go into depth in different topics, so it would always be a safer bet for you to just look at the AP website itself (or past papers).
  9. thirdcultureteenSH->UK

    Useful IB Resources By Subject

    Thanks for sharing this!!
  10. Hey! I haven't actually started the IB yet but if my info would be useful, I'd be happy to help I'll be studying in the UK but my political knowledge mostly revolves around China since I've been living here for the past 12 years.
  11. thirdcultureteenSH->UK

    Economics Extended Essay- Occupy Central

    Sorry if you mentioned this already above, because I was kind of skimming through, but have you gathered any data on how sales were after the movement died down? Or when the protestors finally moved away? Maybe not right after they moved away, because I doubt people would have been that into buying jewelry to risk being swarmed when they went, but maybe a few months afterwards?
  12. thirdcultureteenSH->UK

    IB Textbooks

    Hi guys! Is there anywhere I could download IB textbooks for the following subjects? - Economics HL - Physics SL - History SL Thanks!
  13. thirdcultureteenSH->UK

    IB Syllabi?

    I can't provide you the website where you can see all the syllabi for all IB subjects. However, here are the syllabi for the subjects that you take: HL Maths (f.e. May 2014): here or Math Guide.pdf Language A (for HL English Lit for f.e. May 2015): Language A Guide.pdf HL Economics (f.e. May 2013): here or Econ Guide.pdf SL Physics (f.e. May 2016): here or Physics Guide.pdf Language B (for SL Mandarin B for f.e. May 2015): here or Language B Guide.pdf or Language B Guide (in Chinese).pdf SL History (f.e. May 2017): here or History Guide.pdf btw, f.e. stands for "first examination" Thank you so much!!
  14. thirdcultureteenSH->UK

    IB Syllabi?

    Hi guys! Could anyone direct me to a website where I could get the syllabi for all IB subjects for 2016? I heard that only some of them changed for 2016, but am slightly confused as to which syllabi is going to be used for each subject. Thanks!
  15. Hey! There's a really interesting book by Robert B. Cialdini called "Psychology of Persuasion" that has a chapter dedicated to this idea. I think it would be really useful for your presentation. Try finding it online, but if you can't, just PM me your email and I can send you a copy Thanks for the help, your advice was really useful and that chapter in the book "Psychology of Persuasion" was a real eye opener! I've incorporated my development of those ideas and I'll be presenting next monday, so thanks a lot! No problem! Glad I helped I really enjoyed that book when I first read it. You don't really realize how influenced we are by different aspects of our lives that advertisers take advantage of. At least not till Cialdini points it out to you haha haha that's certainly true so I did my presentation and they absolutely loved it ! However, they especially appreciated the reference to Cialdini, and that probably got me that extra point for my presentation to be a perfect score, so again, thank you so much!! Glad to have helped!!

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