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  1. I would love to be japanese or american, because japan is THE MOST AWESOME COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, but USA is soooo nice and i love 2 go shopping, so yeahhh
  2. Thanks for the tipps Im starting the IB in august and i already bought a 5 inch binder and e lot of post its and notebooks, and ofcourse my kipling bag with a computer bag, because IB without a laptop is almost impossible
  3. Having read through the functionality of the colored version, I think there's very little difference between the 2 calculators. So yes, it is allowed! thank you at the end i ended up buying the TI_NSPIRE CX because it has like a mousepad and it has like more functions thanks tho
  4. i would rather get along more with my dad , because i get more along with mom would you rather live with ur teachers or live at school ALONE
  5. at the end i asked my older friends that are on the IB and told me, that in our school it's a MUST to have a big binder, because most of our teachers are german/european and they expect u to bring all the material per semester because they check if u have it and stuff they said that I should buy a 5 inch binder from Wilson Jones, from a line that is "heavy duty" or something like that so ill buy the big binder and have a 1 inch binder for every subject and when we finish the topic, i will put it into the big one that will be on my locer thanks for helping me xoxo
  6. be organized and have a study/homework/other IB stuff scheudle
  7. personally im a vegetarian and on my way to be vegan if its ethical or not, it mostly depends on the person every persona has a different point of view i dont mind if people eat meat in front of me so yeah hahaha
  8. IB at my school is pretty hard i study in a german school so we MUST have 3 subjects in german (history, german and biology) and you obligatory also have spanish and math i can choose between chemistry, english and business i personally chose chemistry because i like it besides the hard signature the only thing u have to consider is organization u have to be really organized to have good grades the IB is not hard, its just more homework, reading books, presentations etc. if you are organized and study you will have no prob god luck
  9. hi this question is super important, because its your future that depends on it in august im starting the IB programme and i want to study medicine, but my dad wants me to study something with engineering or enviromental stuff i personally love medicine and im not good at math and physics you should study what you wanna study, because you are the one that is going to have to take the classes and work with that all your life dont be worried if you think they will be disappointed, study what you want and be succesfull good luck
  10. my teacher told me to buy a TI-84 plus silver edition to start the IB programme but i like the TI-84 plus C silver edition because it has colors thanks for the help xoxo
  11. im going to start the IB in august in El Salvador Everybody at school has big binders, but i dont know where to buy them or how big they are Im taking chemistry, spanish, german, biology, math and history PD: i keep all the pages thankss
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