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  1. emmiez

    Biggest University Libraries in the World?

    Hi! Thanks for the replies... I'm asking this out of personal interest... I already have a good idea of which university I want to go to, and the course I'm planning to take. I thought it would be interesting, anyway, to know Thank you!
  2. emmiez

    McGill or U of T?

    I wouldn't say particularly that Mcgill is definitely better than U of T - even though it's more internationally renown, U of T is one of the up and coming universities. Personally I would choose U of T as it's in Toronto, which is a more diverse city, in my opinion. U of T offers co-op programs, as well as a great downtown campus that has 'college's (very similar to Oxbridge) and so will guarantee a great college on-campus experience. Moreover, U of T has the 3rd largest university library in North America, after Harvard and Yale! If I were you, however, I would go with my gut feeling. Go to the one you felt more comfortable in. Go to the one you can see yourself having a good time in. Go to the one with a better course, certain professors or, in your opinion, a better environment. You should listen to our opinions, but ultimately, base most of your decisions on YOUR feelings. That's the most important!
  3. Hi, at school we are currently looking at universities and careers... For me, picking the right university must have a large library, because I reckon that's where I want to go a lot to study... (I plan to take history) so I would really like to know which university libraries are the biggest in the world? Thanks!
  4. emmiez

    Sine Function or Cubic Function?

    Yes its for an IA - the Maths SL Type II Portfolio on BMI. I was just wondering if a sine is better or cubic, and if so why.... Anyone know? Thanks
  5. What's the difference between the sine function and cubic function? Which situations do you apply each of them to when modeling graphs? Also, can we describe the sine graph as a 'polynomial'...? Thank you!
  6. emmiez

    Body Mass Index

    Also, in question 1 what is meant by the 'variables'?
  7. emmiez

    Body Mass Index

    Hi, is it possible to manually model a cubic function without using matrices? I haven't even learned about matrices yet.. so I only know how to model quadratic equations...
  8. emmiez

    Writing a good Historical Investigation

    Hi I'm currently doing section C on evaluating sources... I'm a little confused with what they mean by 'origin'? Do I just state who wrote it?
  9. emmiez

    Spanish Civil War IA

    Hi, Just want to see what are your views about 'Counter-revolution' as a reason for Republican defeat in the Spanish Civil War?
  10. emmiez

    Spanish Civil War IA

    I've decided to focus on disunity in the republican side... More specifically, I think I will look at 'To what extent was republican disunity a cause for the nationalist victory in the Spanish civil war'. Is that a good topic??
  11. emmiez

    Spanish Civil War IA

    Hey For my IA, I really wanted to research on the spanish civil war, and I picked the book 'Homage to Catalonia' by George Orwell... but now I'm a bit stuck with what aspect of the war to explore... Has anyone read the book or learnt the spanish civil war and can give me some tips? The problem for me is that I haven't actually learnt about the war yet so it's all quite new to me... Thanks
  12. My EE title is "To what extent is immigration the cause of the fall of the Roman Empire" Personally, I love the topic of the Roman Empire, but it is actually a topic I have never learnt at school before and quite frankly am a little clueless about. I have lots and lots of reading to do, but all the books are ENORMOUS with a LOT of information - much more than what I really need for my essay. I'm unsure about how to research.. should I just read all of the books? What would be the best way to get the information I need from the books? Also.... if anyone is familiar with this topic... suggestions? advice? opinions? Thanks
  13. emmiez

    Revision Help?

    use the syllabus and make notes under each requirement. Use LOTS of animation! they help:) if you're taking biology, click4biology.info is pretty good. and McGraw-Hill has pretty good animations. Keep drawing diagrams, and soon you'll remember them really easily. And do past papers. Try to remember as much of the markscheme for the past paper questions as possible. They MAY come up
  14. Perhaps you can start by explaining what was the cult of Mao, how did it emerge, and how strong was the cult of Mao by 1966 when Cultural Revolution started. Also talk about the Red Guards!
  15. emmiez

    What was your IOP topic?

    I did the "development of Ralph" from Lord of the Flies. It's a great topic, with lots to talk about, and quite straight forward..

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