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  1. I wonder how German universities take into account our Diploma. The farthest I have reached is this: http://www.frankfurt-school.de/content/en/education_programmes/bachelor/general_information_bsc/eligibility.html Does this mean, that if I want to for example to study Physics, but I have Biology and Chemistry at HL, I am still eligible to do so? Webpages of German universities aren't very helpful, some just say that there is a "free admission" or there's an aptitude test. <concerning the language, I will have passed DAF exams by the time I apply for the university>
  2. Hi People, I am in half of my Year 1 and well, I want to get ready for the PS and all the other stuff regarding application. I want to apply for Biological Sciences at Oxford (and of course other unis but that's for other time). My problem is that I am afraid, whether I have enough things to put in my PS and I am also concerned about their quality. So maybe a short-list: - taking part in international neurobiological competition (but yet no achievement as the big part stars in April) - took part (and will again) in palaeontological excavation with the team of my national Academy of Sciences. - ecological studies of birds in my region (that may result in published paper [rather science-communicating than scientific]) - a lot of reading of famous biological books (Wonderful Life, The Greatest Show on Earth) and a lot of insights about them (exchanged for example with an acquittance that actually studies at Oxford). - since childhood I was keeping exotic animals (snakes, spiders, lizards) and well, I have quite a good knowledge of them in terms of science regarding them and also (I think) it shows my passion for living organisms. and also minor parts like big interest in science, with ambitious readings, keeping up to date with research etc. Also the non-biological ones: - I plan to make EE in Geography (the environmental way), to show that I am not bound to just one field, but still the other field is somehow related. - I am a leader of social project for promoting UN Sustainable Development Goals in my town. - well, my CAS that shows me as a good lecturer (in short) - a lot of organizing things for my year like e.g. school trips. And I want to use IB Programme also as the proof that I am well organized and to show my assiduity. Of course I am also a good scorer and my teachers expect me to have 40+/45. What do you think, are these things solid (of course I will add something new anyway, those are my hobbies in fact so there's always some progress I can't predict)?
  3. I don't need Economics for university, I am just wondering if knowledge from the course will be useful in the future Any more opinions?
  4. <that topic is going to draw some attention > Are topics covered at Economics useful? I mean in real life. I can choose between Geography (initially taken), History (nope) or Econ SL as my Group 3 and I am wondering whether things that they teach at Econ would ever be helpful for my if I wish to start my own business in the future (I know that Business Management is exactly that, but they do not offer it at my school). I find Geo and Econ equally easy (correct if not) so I started to think about usefulness rather than points on diploma.
  5. vitiu

    Should I take SL?

    My advice is to take SL maths. I have several reasons for this: To me, maths studies is like a joke (no offense to those currently taking it. I'm just voicing my own opinion about the course) The whole point of IB is for you to try your best to study a course that you find challenging. And maths seems to be that course. So why not take the opportunity and challenge yourself a little bit and see whether you can make it? Learning maths is more than just knowing how to work with numbers for future careers. It also trains your mind to become more logical, thus improving your general mental skills, which are quite important for a scientist (as you have pointed out) The combination of Bio HL, Chem HL, & Maths SL is one of the most common subject combinations in IB. If many other people can do it, why can't you? People often make a mistake of thinking that maths is not necessary if one chooses biology/biochem for the bachelor program. But in fact, maths is important in anything that is related to natural science & engineering (computer science, physics, chem, bio, etc.). In my university (University of Oslo), all biology bachelor students have to go through a standard mathematics course in the first year, in which students will study about differential equations as well as recurrence relations (both of which are parts of the option in the IB Maths HL). For bio-chemistry, even more maths are necessary. This is fairly easy to understand as bio-chem has a lot to do with the bonding of molecules; and the way molecules bond with one another are subjected to the laws of quantum mechanics, which requires many abstract levels of mathematics (like abstract algebra) to fully understand. Of course, it's not like SL students can easily pass these maths courses in university; however, you will feel much more prepared for uni if you take maths SL. Since you are only in year 1 of the IB program, you can easily switch between the courses. If you take SL now, you'll still have the opportunity to drop it to studies when you find it too tough to handle. On the other hand, if you take studies, you'll end up with it for the rest of your life Thank you for that! You have described exactly how I felt about all of this - I won't need it for application, I will need for my mind. And that's more important! Also with ellie's advice - I think I will take SL. Guys, thank you very much! In the worst case I will drop (which I surely can in the first year - common practice at my school )
  6. vitiu

    Should I take SL?

    Are you having options between HL, SL, or regular provincial program? Mathematical Studies SL which for I am signed right now.
  7. vitiu

    Should I take SL?

    Hi, I don't know if I should choose Mathematics SL. I'm willing to study Biology/Biochemistry and Studies isn't problem at most of the universities. My problem is that I am pretty ambitious person and I don't want to feel mathematically-handicapped, especially if I'm going to be a scientist. In my pre-IB year I have been doing pretty good (although with help, but I think I would do fine without additional tutoring I wasn't so lazy), but Maths are not really my strongest subject. What do you think? Will SL be much harder? Should I choose it? It's not a problem to switch between ST and SL tbh.
  8. Quite reassuring, but Law is not a scientific subject like Biology. Although, in my opinion, ST serves best for biologist due to statistical skills (let's be honest, biologist does not need calculus, but he needs statistics). I thank you for your answers anyway
  9. Hi, I am wondering if having Math Studies on my Diploma will pose any threat to my application to a better universities (like Cambridge, Oxford or UCL)? I wish to study biology-oriented courses, but none of them has any mathematical examination as an obligatory requirement (for examples " and other Science or Mathematics on SL/HL"). Will it cause any sort of a problem for my application?
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