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  1. I was TZ1. So we had different exams
  2. Same here bro i had TZ1 though. Paper 2 was undoable, all my class didnt manage to finish on time and the questions required like 10mins each. I dont know what the f is going on with the IB this year, but i can say paper 2 chem was worse than physics p2... I hope the boundaries go down this year in all sciences otherwise we're f****
  3. In both papers section A last 2 questions were very hard... Overall a manageable paper, but i think 2015's were far easier than these
  4. what are u talking about bro hahaha. If i was given the specimen papers i would have gotten a 7 fo sure
  5. generally this years' bio and physics exams were terribly structured, compared to previous past papers. Hope the IB lowers the grade boundaries signifcantly otherwise we are screwed...
  6. https://www.change.org/p/international-bacc-ib-biology-sl-examination-2016?recruiter=25569273&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_page&utm_term=mob-xs-share_petition-no_msg&fb_ref=Default whoever found the exam really difficult and tough to go along with the new core please sign this petition. Hopefully IB will lower the grade boundaries for the "new syllabus" subjects (physics, bio)
  7. how did u find it? I think it was one of the hardest ones especially the p2, at least from those i had practiced on it was the toughest for sure...
  8. are there any sites with sugggested topics> pls help
  9. Guys please help, my teacher said that it was too simplistic. What else do u suggest>
  10. Hi guys tomorrow is the deadline to give the research question for my ia in chem. I havent decided yet, but im 99% into : How does the acidity of an orange juice change when exposed to various temperatures. How does this sound?
  11. I was actually thinking of putting slices of apple into different solutions of distilled water with salt.
  12. Hello guys tomorrow is the deadline to find my IA topic but i havent decided what to do yet. I was thinking to do sth with osmosis since i find it very easy to carry the experiment out. What do u suggest? Please help !!
  13. Hello, im looking forward to apply for med unis in England, but i know a vast majority of them require bmat or ukcat (or both). Which books/websites do you suggest for practise on these tests?

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