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  1. ibsurvival_asmx98

    Biology EE Documentation Style?

    I have just started writing my Introduction of my Biology Extended Essay. I've also noticed that one of the biology exemplar EEs had in-text citations. I primarily have two questions. 1) What documentation style is best for biology extended essays? 2) How do I do in-text citations? And do I need to do them for all types of sources? (e.g. websites compared to books) Thanks!
  2. ibsurvival_asmx98

    UCAS Application 2016 Entry IB Predictions

    Ohhh I see... Thanks!
  3. ibsurvival_asmx98

    UCAS Application 2016 Entry IB Predictions

    I've just been wondering how it works when you apply to universities and you have no official grades to submit. Since I take IB, my official scores do not come out until July 2016, but I have to complete and submit my medical application to UCAS by October 2015, how will the universities know anything about my achievement so far? I understand that our teachers will make predictions, but how are those transferred to UCAS? Thanks for the information!
  4. ibsurvival_asmx98

    UK University Requirements

    Thank you, all of you, for the amazing answers! I will probably make a decision based on everyone's knowledge, to have the best possible chance of getting in! Thanks again!
  5. ibsurvival_asmx98

    UK University Requirements

    Thanks for the information!
  6. ibsurvival_asmx98

    UK University Requirements

    When UK universities set requirements for their course (e.g. Medicine), should my IB predictions way higher to get in? Or does it just mean that if my predictions are higher than the requirements, I'll be given a conditional offer? Thanks.

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