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  1. Thanks for the help guys! My summer break has just begun so I won't be in contact with any teachers for the next couple of months, but i'm contacting my CAS coordinator about what I should do next.
  2. Hi everyone, I want to use programming as my CAS project with the end goal to be a fully functioning mobile app or website. The problem that I have with this is that I'm unsure of how exactly I can prove the amount of time that I will be spending on the activity as I won't have someone to supervise me when I'm doing the work. In all the submission forms it says that a supervisor is required, is there any way to get around this, like show them another form of evidence of my work? Also please let me know if there are other ways to show you've done CAS hours without a supervisor, for example if I go on a 10k run and I want to use it as my CAS hours. Any help is appreciated, Cheers
  3. In the example of programming/coding mentioned earlier, how exactly would I prove that I've spent a certain amount of time on a certain project. For example, lets say I make a web page and it takes me a week long to complete. However there is no one supervising me, so how would I give evidence to support my hours?
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