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  1. Your RQ sounds alright. Although you can shorten it into just "To what extent is Mylan a monopoly in the epinephrine auto-injector market?" and explain the FDA part in introductions.
  2. Hello, I need for write an extended essay based on sl economic theories, but he said I should focus on Microeconomics, rather than macro or trade though I've seriously thought about the topic for weeks and still got nothing that is approved by my EE advisor Are there any pointers in SL economics EE? such as in which chapter of the book should be easier to find a topic on and to do or maybe which topics I should definitely stay out Your replies will surely help me out a lot!
  3. but doesnt the ia research question have to be a topic that no one has ever done before? cuz i'd bet someone has already done acidity of a lemon. Or am i wrong about the topic has to be never been done thing, im not sure
  4. this is my first time and i thought of this research question. "How acidic are different types of canned coffee" is it okay or is it too dumb? cuz it sounds too dumb but i cant think of any other stuff thats not dumb. any brief suggestions of RQs? thanks;)
  5. My name's anthony and i desire to become a commercial pilot when i grow up. I'm currently studying in grade 10 and have to make up my subject selections by next week. Out of mathematics, physics, chemistry and economics, i have to choose 2sl and 2hl. I'm planning to choose math/economics as hl and physics/chemistry as sl Though i'm worrying if i should choose 2 science subjects as sl and also if i should choose physics as sl since my desire is to become a pilot please help by giving me suggestions for the subject selection thanks
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