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  1. EmotionalEwok

    Chemistry HL IA

    Hey. Thanks a lot for the help. But my teacher suddenly changed her mind and said that I shouldn't compare brands cause that makes a bad IA. But I don't really want to do something outside of buffers. I was planning on trying something about gastric electrolytes (strong ion difference like you said), and maybe dependence of the buffer on temperature and dilution. Any other suggestions?
  2. I heard about this thing called SmartBacc on the osc. Is it any good (mainly for HL math, but also any other subjects)?
  3. EmotionalEwok

    Math HL study guide

    I'm planning on buying either the HL OSC revision guide (the one by the IB), or the Cambridge study guide. I mainly wanna use them to refer to while practicing some questions for the first time. Do they cover everything in the syllabus, or is it way too condensed and useless? And which one should I get? https://osc-ib.com/ib-revision-guides/math/mathematics-hl/133 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1107672155?me=&redirect=true&ref_=olp_product_details
  4. EmotionalEwok

    2016 Chemistry syllabus changes?

    That's a shame. I guess I'll have to do everything just in case then. By the way, I watch your videos, they're really good!
  5. EmotionalEwok

    2016 Chemistry syllabus changes?

    Problem is the new syllabus isn't very clear, so I'm not really sure. But the link is very helpful though, thanks!
  6. EmotionalEwok

    2016 Chemistry syllabus changes?

    What are all of the changes to the chem hl and sl syllabus for 2016? I was told that buffer calculations had been removed, and they even removed it from the textbook, but my teachers are saying that they will test us on it
  7. EmotionalEwok

    Chemistry HL IA

    For my IA, I'm going to compare the effectiveness of 5 brands of antacid in curing an acidic stomach I'm getting conflicting opinions about the topic. My teacher says it sounds okay, but everyone else is saying its not rigorous enough for HL (which I'm really worried about). Do you guys think it sounds okay, and if its not is there any way I could alter the same experiment to make it complex enough(like by fitting some HL topics into it, like pH curves or buffers)? Thanks a lot!
  8. EmotionalEwok

    How does the syllabus work?

    Hey guys, My science teachers gave me some notes for some chapters. They're organized according to the syllabus, but there's a problem. In the guide for each subject, the topics under each chapter are split into understandings, applications and skills, international mindedness, etc., but the notes my teachers gave were organized by numbers. For example, chapter 4 would be split up into 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3, and each has certain understandings and applications in a table under it. But in the notes it says something like 4.1.1, 4.1.2, 4.2.1, etc. Am I missing something really obvious here?
  9. EmotionalEwok

    HL Math IA

    Oh so the use of maths criterion requires me to go beyond the syllabus?! I thought one HL only topic (complex numbers) and another topic (induction) would be enough
  10. EmotionalEwok

    HL Math IA

    The main point of my IA is drawing a conjecture and not really about calculating the perimeter and area for specific shapes (which I will also do using argand diagrams). Btw, I'm using induction to show that the conjecture is applicable for all the roots of unity. Do you think it still sounds a bit too easy? Thanks a lot
  11. EmotionalEwok

    Primary research for bsuiness IA and EE

    Okay. So yes, I purposely bold it. It is different from HL where we have to make a written report based on primary research. This is way easier from HL, obviously. Oh, you can look at IA and EE sample from the internet. There are not much but at least they are handy. I hope this may answer all your question ^^ Alright thanks so much, I owe you one.
  12. EmotionalEwok

    HL Math IA

    Hey guys. Could someone comment on my IA topic? Deriving a conjecture for the area and perimeter of regular polygons using complex numbers
  13. EmotionalEwok

    Business EE

    I'm in Business SL and I'm doing my EE on it. I chose the topic 'how will the decision to adopt lean management and shared services affect the HR of a company (I don't think I should disclose the name)'. These decisions will be adopted by the company in the future. Is it better to choose a newly made decision or a future decision for the EE?
  14. Hi guys. I'm doing my World literature essay on The Cherry Orchard. My topic is 'How is Madame Ranevsky shown as a representative of Feudal Russia?' . Can someone give me a few guidelines or like a checklist on how to make a good WL essay?
  15. EmotionalEwok

    TOK doubts

    But can I only use ways of knowing instead of an area of knowledge?

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