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  1. Haese and Harris seems the way to go for better practice questions. For conceptual clarity, our teacher recommends the Math HL textbook from Cambridge University Press, according to him, it has the best explanations for concepts involving functions and trigonometry. The CUP book for the optional Calculus syllabus is pretty good too.
  2. The question is not general enough, it seems you haven't followed the flow chart given in the subject guide and hence, you haven't decontextualised your Knowledge Question. I suggest you take a look at the 2008 TOK guide so you get an idea of the possible knowledge questions you could use, and modify them accordingly. Remember that your KQ must, later on, link to other Real Life Situations as well. Also, ethics isn't as dangerous as people claim it to be, if you read up on the ethical theories (very well highlighted in the Decoding TOK for IBDP Textbook) and are able to apply it to your RLS, then you can deliver a great presentation. Best of Luck!
  3. Computer Science IA - Done Economics Commentary - 2/3 Done Math IA - First Draft submitted English WA - First Draft Submitted English IOP - Done Hindi WA - Done Physics IA - First Draft submitted TOK - Presentation this month EE - Not even started. RQ is in place though.
  4. HI, I am a year 2 student who has just completed his IA by making a website and my teacher tips it to be a high scoring one. This website streamlined the process of conducting a MUN in school. I developed it using Bootstrap (HTML, CSS, Javascript Framework), PHP and MySql. One of the critical requirements to satisfy is display of algorithmic thinking, which must be incorporated depending on the sort of audience your website is serving, even a secure login system for your website written in PHP would satisfy this criteria. Another advice would be to not use something like dreamweaver as it simplifies your task and IB doesn't see your organisational skills. In my case, I wrote my code using lots of custom bootstrap tags giving it a unique UI, something which won't be possible to replicate in Dreamweaver, especially if using bootstrap. PHP was used to add server side interactivity, thereby serving dynamic content. For instance, a delegate registers on one page and his registration is immediately displayed on another webpage, sorted out using a pre-defined criteria. These scripts interact with a database created in MySql. Keep in mind that you must stick to the IA guidelines. DON'T USE A TEMPLATE WITHOUT SUITABLE MODIFICATIONS. Write back if you need any more help. Cheers.
  5. I have been developing a website as part of my CS IA using bootstrap which has lots of inbuilt javascript which can be used for navigation bars and other GUI features. Will customised javascript get me more marks if I use it alongside server-side scripting for forms? Does the use of inbuilt javascript cause a reduction in marks?
  6. But in the end, it is a matter of following the IB criteria, is it not? P.S - I see you are from India, which city and school?
  7. The guy pretending to be my teacher is apparently a friend who has been trying to prank me. Thank you for making it abundantly clear to us that we won't violate any guidelines. Cheers. Are you sure you guys are doing the IB Diploma? what kind of childish pranks are these.. Also impersonating a teacher can get you into a hell lot of trouble if he finds out. Focus on your grades theres no time for fun and games. I didn't know till recently that it was this 'friend' and I quite literally believed it to be my teacher. I am sure I 'adequately' informed him of the consequences of his impersonating. While you are it, do offer suggestions on the main topic of the thread. Thanks.
  8. The guy pretending to be my teacher is apparently a friend who has been trying to prank me. Thank you for making it abundantly clear to us that we won't violate any guidelines. Cheers.
  9. Umm, I didn't quite understand how will I lose marks? I do have some ideas to make it complex enough.
  10. I am planning on making a website for an upcoming MUN in school, is it appropriate to do it as a CS IA? I ask this since my teacher felt it isn't 'complex' enough and the code can be generated using dreaweaver or something. I intend to use Bootstrap, Jquery and google app engine/
  11. I have been studying Math HL and CS HL at my school for the past one year and am supposed to give my exams in May 2016. To come to your concerns, Math HL is definitely the tougher of the two, but if you can manage a 5 or above, nothing like it for college applications. Even though CS isn't essential to study computer science at the University level, in IB it provides you with strong fundamentals of computing, programming included. IB guidelines for CS say that the course isn't programming language specific, but some schools choose to interpret it differently. CS HL is for sure more doable than Math HL as long as you have your programming concepts clear, which is at most a summer's work with good, online courses if the teacher is a problem. OOPs aren't compulsory, as kfernando1 mentioned, it comes under paper 2, which consists of the optional unit and it is entirely your choice to choose amongst the four IB specified units: 1) Databases 2) Simulation and Modelling 3) Web Science 4) OOPs Having seen discussions on the OCC, many IB teachers find the database unit simplest of all and most scoring. Even your IA can be written in any language you are comfortable programming in. Read the CS Subject Guide for more information. Cheers.
  12. On the other hand, there are no formal algorithms explicitly defined(apart from a couple of hexadoku solvers online).
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