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  1. Ann Vyshinsky

    I.B. WOO HOO!

    Hi! Wow, 4 HLs, it must be tough I did HL History (Route 2, 20th century world history) and recently got a 7 on my exam. In this course, you have to memorize a lot of information (dates, facts, etc.), because high level of detail is required for a top grade. I personally did it while revising for the mock exams and the actual exam. I used a lot of textbooks and study guides: it is much easier to revise the material over and over while reading different sources. And do not repeat my mistakes, take notes in class, they are really helpful. Surprisingly, I scored only 6 in History IA, so no tips for this: just go through the criteria and have a clear structure. I also scored 6 in Paper 1, despite practicing using past papers a lot, yet I got 7s for Paper 2 and Paper 3. I am naturally good at writing essays, which is extremely important, as Papers 2 & 3 require clear and logical structure. Moreover, close attention is paid to how the student understands the demands of the question.
  2. Ann Vyshinsky

    The Ultimate Re-mark Thread (and some info on remarking)

    Did you get your remark results back yet?? Oh, I forgot, sorry Got it 3 days ago, unsuccessful. But now only 2% away from A in EE...
  3. Ann Vyshinsky

    The Ultimate Re-mark Thread (and some info on remarking)

    Sent off my re-mark on 22 June. History EE - 4% from A. TOK - 1% from A. Will update on the result later.
  4. I think a thread about re-marks will be useful to the ones who are considering a remark or waiting for their enquiry to take place, as it's quite inconvenient to search the information about re-marks in many separate threads. I suggest posting the following information: Subject How many % was the grade from the next one (if relevant, breakdown by components)How long did the decision takeResult (up, down or unchanged)By "re-mark" I mean mainly a category 1 enquiry upon results (EUR). Perhaps some information would be necessary: A category 1 EUR involves the externally assessed components of a candidate's work (thus, no IAs - they can be re-moderated separately as a part of a category 3 EUR) being remarked by a senior examiner.It cannot be requested for individual components (papers).A re-mark can be requested only through your IB DP Coordinator. It cannot be requested without the candidate's consent, as grade can go down.The deadline is 15 September for May examinations. Cost: $ 114 / £ 65 per subject.If grade changes (either up or down), fee is returned.Once again: grade can go down as well as up.Time: 18 days is a target (but it can get longer in case of postal delays).Only your IB DP Coordinator is notified about the result of your re-mark request, however you will see your updated grades on IB Candidates website.As far as I am concerned, if your grade changes, IBO issues new result transcripts for free.Your university choices are not notified when you are requesting a re-mark, so you should call them / email them if necessary. [These two I am not very confident about, please correct me if something is wrong!]Sources: mainly https://ibanswers.ibo.org/, information supplied by my IB DP Coordinator Good luck with your re-marks!
  5. Ann Vyshinsky

    Predicted grade about 41-42 , oxford?

    Was predicted 44/45, did admission test (LNAT) and interview, got an offer with merely (yep, merely) 38 (666 HL) condition, got 44 (777 HL) on the exams (although still going for a remark to get a 45). So it's quite real, I guess Tested it myself I've heard that 38 is an average grade among the Oxford applicants (and they put more emphasis on interview performance anyway), so your 41-42 score is perfect You should definitely give it a try, Oxford is the best uni ever!
  6. Ann Vyshinsky

    How to learn to respect myself?

    That's literally story of my life
  7. Ann Vyshinsky

    IB courses you wish you could have taken, but couldn't

    It's not a course, but... EE in Human Rights (I was not offered this option ) However, I really really liked my History EE, as I became acquainted with the works of one Soviet legal scholar I now like rly much, so...
  8. Ann Vyshinsky

    What makes a good History IA topic

    It should be narrow, because there are only 2000 words you can use.
  9. Ann Vyshinsky

    Another re-mark question (EE, TOK)

    Oh, thanx I hope it'll all be ok! You know, people here on IB Survival are much nicer than on TSR (just an off-topic observation)
  10. Ok, so my situation is the following: I was predicted A in both EE (very high A, did everything I could to make it perfect) and TOK. However, the scores I received were quite unexpected: 1% away from an A in TOK and 4% away from an A in EE. Overall, it prevented me from getting a 45. So now I am considering a remark and I have a few questions: How long do remarks for EE/TOK take? (in comparison with other subjects) Is there a chance of either of my scores (or both) going up? Where is it higher - in EE or TOK? Is there a chance of either of my score going down? Where is it higher - in EE or TOK? In TOK, what is remarked - only essay or both essay and presentation plan? (my presentation plan was not sent, and it was downgraded from 10 to 8 because the sent samples were marked too highly by my TOK teacher)
  11. Ann Vyshinsky

    What does your username mean?

    My username = my real first name (although I'm Anna, not Ann, but it doesn't really matter in Russia ) + surname of one totally awesome Soviet legal scholar and practitioner.
  12. Ann Vyshinsky

    Interview: Who are you?

    1. What is your real name? Anna Lukina 2. Where are you from? Moscow, Russia 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? By googling "omg results day is in 2 weeks what should I do" 4. What made you register on IB Survival? I needed to stress out 'bout my results in public 5. When did you (approximately) register here? June 2015. 6. What is your favourite IB subject? History (despite being the most difficult one) 7. When are you graduating? May 2015. 8. What are your plans for university? Going to Oxford to read Jurisprudence. 9. What are your free-time hobbies? Well, idk, law, I guess? Soviet law in particular I am dull, I know. 10. If you could change one thing on IB Survival, what would it be? Mm, perhaps launching a sub-forum dedicated to mental health. ('cause, you know, IB will always be IB. )
  13. You mean English A or English B? I got into Oxford, was studying English B HL and Russian A SL. I don't think there are any specific requirements for Law (unlike, e.g., for Medicine).
  14. Ann Vyshinsky

    Remarking EE/TOK

    Guys, I have a very important question For TOK, is presentation plan remarked? This year it was internally assessed, and my plan was not sent, and it was downgraded because the marks our teacher gave our whole class were too damn high...

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