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  1. Quintessential

    Is my school's uniform policy sexist?

    aw dang!! you didn't like my argument?!?!? whatever am i going to do now??? I truly did write it for your satisfaction :/ what a bummer I didn't say that I didn't like your argument, but for your information: I didn't. I said I didn't like the way you presented it.
  2. Quintessential

    Is my school's uniform policy sexist?

    I completely agree with the bolded part. She began with explaining how long 10cm is, presuming, for some reason, that he didn't how long that was, even though he had just made a post about that exact thing. Then being extremely sarcastic and following that up with a "this might be a hard one for you to understand, but...". I'm really not a fan of people using master suppression techniques while debating. As mac117 and Excalibre pointed out before: one can't be allowed to wear anything to school, or any other public area for that matter. It would simply not be appropiate.
  3. Quintessential

    Prepare for Pre-IB?

    Thanks! Looks really promising with the whole book as a PDF. I'll definitely check it out more tomorrow. I'll be going to a public IB school, so no need for me to actually pay for the material once I start.
  4. Quintessential

    Prepare for Pre-IB?

    Callidolearning.com does surely sound interesting. However, I'm not sure I'd be willing to pay $349 to access their basecamp, which approximately takes 25 hours to complete, and material for the period of one year. $349 is quite a lot of money. Is this possibly a site you've been signed up for yourself?
  5. Quintessential

    Prepare for Pre-IB?

    I just sent an email to the IB Coordinator of the school I'll be going to. Unfortunately, I received an automatic reply saying he's on holiday and will read his emails on July 8-10. Now, let's play the waiting game.
  6. Quintessential

    Prepare for Pre-IB?

    Thank you for your answer. It surely sounds like contacting the school is the best idea. I'll do that. Looking through your past posts and how your entrance test was organised, it doesn't seem like that's the case. I don't really have much experience using Khan Academy. I'll check it out, though. Thanks. I sent you a PM with what school I will be going to.
  7. Quintessential

    Prepare for Pre-IB?

    Good evening! I'm going into the Pre-IB after the summer; August 18 to be a bit more specific. I'm really excited and I obviously want to do as well as possible, thus causing me to wonder if there's anything I could prepare for. You might suggest me to relax, enjoy the summer and not prepare for the preparation, but I don't have much else to do, really. I figured mathematics might be a subject I'd be able to study a bit on my own, considering all the youtube guides out there. I thought about ordering the textbook I eventually will use when I start the Pre-IB, but I'm unsure which one to order. Guidance here is much appreciated.

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