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  1. Thank you for the answer! I contacted my coordinator already, i will get it remarked.
  2. Hi guys, I got my component results for the May 2015 exams today, I think I may get Visual Arts (SL Option A) remarked. I got a 6 but I'm very close to 7, please please help me out. Im naturally talented in art and I worked so hard especially in IB2, I thought I did very well. All of my teachers were stunned by my exhibition, I was confident I'd get 7 as I was keen to meet all the descriptors throughout my works and showed clear development and technical skill over the years. My IA is 19/20 so that's safe- but my studio got 14/20 which was extremely uncalled for because all of my submitted works were predicted 18-19's. I know its normal to be graded down as art is subjective; a lot of the students in our school dont get 7 in art, I just didnt expect it this heavily. However I did the math and it turns out I only need 1 more mark from studio in order to get a 7, which is very likely in my opinion since my teachers and I believed I truly did well. TLDR: I got 14/20 from VA studio work though I was predicted around 18/20. I need 1 mark for my grade to increase, Id need to lose 4 marks for it to decrease. The risk is quite low if you ask me, but I've never met anyone who remarked art, do you think this is a good idea? Do grades change at all? Thank you so much in advance
  3. Naz

    Getting a 45/45

    The American Collegiate Institute in Ä°zmir, what about you? Also, congrats on finishing the IB with such amazing grades MEF International School Istanbul. And thank you so much, all that hard work feels so worth it now
  4. Naz

    Remarking EE/TOK

    If you were predicted an A on either of them id say definitely go for it since both EE and TOK are extremely subjective. I had a 9/10 on my TOK presentation and 8/10 predicted for my essay, somehow i got a B on it. My EE was honestly not that good and my supervisor hardly predicted me a B, but i ended up getting an A. You can never know what to expect from essay moderators
  5. In my school you had to start from pre ib in 9th grade because of the complications with national high school entrance system, so they made us take a random english and maths tests when we were in 8th grade. Nearly everyone passed that weird middle school exam, we had 20 people in pre ib, most of whom werent even suited to be an ib student. A lot of them dropped out, and the students who did well in the pre ib final exams made it directly to ib1 in 10th grade. I was only 16 years old when i finished the whole diploma program. Pretty strange.
  6. Naz

    Getting a 45/45

    Which school do you go to in Turkey? Congratulations on your 45
  7. Naz

    Visual Arts Workbook Guidance

    This is my favorite post of all time, helped me so greatly back when i was struggling with my iwb. I pulled my visual arts from a failing grade to a 6 with this, and enjoyed all of my projects. Thank you so much.
  8. Naz

    HELP! Is My Topic Acceptable?

    It might be a bit off for an english B ee id say... try a larger concept in the movie and narrow it down using specific examples and sources relating to the subject. For english B they usually expect to see some sort of literary or cultural appreciation when you write about a book or a movie, so you might wanna link it to the language or culture directly somehow.
  9. TOK has gotten pretty hard as they recently changed the syllabus, my team and i had a 9/10 from presentation and i was predicted 8/10 for my essay, but i somehow got a B from TOK. My EE was an A so i still got the full points, but TOK is definitely not as easy as everyone takes it to be.
  10. Naz

    Do you find (your/the)Extended Essay Fun?

    Mine was an analysis on The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini for English B HL. It was dreadful because i focused on so much more history than language due to my supervisor not guiding me well enough, i hated writing it and i was really nervous when i turned it in- in fact i was told i had written my abstract completely wrong on the deadline week due to improper instructions, i had to literally rewrite that thing last second in our coordinators office after school...ugh.... Either way, we got our results early today and turns out i got an A, which i was definitely not expecting. Guess my last minute ee wasnt so bad after all

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