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  1. Nope, but still one of my main components of the final Ib1 grade
  2. Hi everyone!! I am in very very very deep need of somebdoy helping me with creating some subsidary knowledge questions:( My title is "To what extent can government invigilation on the internet be justified?" The presentation itself is on Monday and I HAVE NO CLUE how to do it!!! Please, help
  3. Hi guys!! I'm in need. I must admit Lang A is not my best subject, but unfortunately I still have to do all the assigments, in this case, IOP. The title of my IOP is "how Conrad portrayed colonialism in "the Heart of Darkness" and eventhough it may sound quite easy, I do not how to start. Do you have any tips on acing the presentation? Thanks in advance x
  4. I am probably not the best person to answer this since Im the one who asked this question, BUT I must say that after asking my other friends who already finished IB, there is no point in taking English A UNLESS (a) you want to study English Lit (b) You are a native who is geniuely interested in the subject. Most universities care more about your overall grade and specific final grades from each of your subjects than if you did English A or B, especially when you have other language A already. Hope that helps
  5. Hi guys, so for some time I have been wondering if I made the right decision. Currently, I am taking HL: History, Eng LaL and German B. The problem is, I am struggling a little bit with German and it takes a lot of time from my weekly schedule. I live in Poland, but have dual citizenship (Polish&British). Will universities such as Oxford, UCL, etc take me less seriously if I choose B over A Lal? I'm thinking of studying Law and/or Eastern Asian Studies and I know that it would be technically better if I take A, but at the same time it will be much harder for me to get even 6 from Lal and B would be definetely an easy 7 (+ I will have more time to focus on German and History) Thanks for your help!
  6. Hi! Even though I'm not taking Japanese B I study it outside of school so maybe I could help I truly recommend the whole "Japanese from Zero" series (including the katakana and hiragana texrbooks). I went through all the 4 levels and they explain the grammar very well Hope that helps
  7. Hi guys, I've decided to take Chemistry, Biology and History on Higher Level? Is it going to be too much? I must say that I enjoy History a lot and I don't find studying it hard, but at the same time, I'm quite afraid of Biology. Thanks a lot for your help
  8. From what I've heard from my German teacher, SL is somewhere between B1 and B2 level (nothing hard to be honest (this is what she said) and HL is more like B2/C1-.. One of my friends who took German in the IB recommended to me "Deutsch im Einsatz" but it's very very hard to get in Poland And what do you think about Math textbooks from Haese Publications? I used it for my IGCSEs and it was quite good
  9. Hi guys! I need some help with choosing the right subjects: I can't really decide whether I'm able to do 7 subjects, and as for now, everything shows that I'll have to: Right now I'm in a public high school in Poland, so e.g I can't choose anything else in Group 1 besides Polish A, but my biggest problem is that I'm very interested in studying medicine or Asian studies (with Korean) which requires taking Language B at at least SL. Having kept that in mind, I have to decide on my subjects untill the end of March; for now I'm thinking of: 1.Polish A SL 2.English A SL 3.History HL 4.Biology SL 5.Math HL 6.Chemistry HL 7.German SL I'd also like to add that I'm quite good at History, so I don't think I'll have problems with it, I don't like my Bio teacher and that's why I'm not taking it on HL. Is it too much? If I manage my time well, is this combination posiible? Thank you for all your advice!! S
  10. Hi everyone!! I'm starting my 1st year of the IB programe upcoming September, and I'm just wondering, what are the best textbooks available for these subjects? HL: MATH CHEMISTRY HISTORY SL: ENGLISH A LangLit BIOLOGY GERMAN B Thank you for all your advice!! Sophia
  11. Hi everyone! I'm considering applying for medicine in the US or in England and I have a quite big problem. Besides that I want to take 7 subjects, I also don't really know if I should take Biology on Higher Level or not. I must stay that I'm not that passionate about biology in general, I'm quite good at memorasation, but my problem is that the teacher in our school is really, really bad. I can't stand her and most of the time I don't understand what she's talking about (and she makes our lessons as if we were biology uni students). Instead, I want to take Chem HL, so my question is: is that a very big problem if I took Bio on SL? Thanks for all your help.
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