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  1. mp_2 I have taken 3 sciences at Higher Level & the IB does accept this.(The diploma is known as an Irregular Diploma) If you ask, whether it is a good idea; this is what I think. Firstly, take them for what you want to study at the university; in your case, you want to pursue pre - med, thus, taking three sciences sounds ideal for this. Therefore, in that case, you should go for it. Secondly, if you are asking in terms of difficulty, then yes at times it does get a bit difficult to manage all the three subjects; taking a look at your subjects you want to take 4 HLs which is also fine, but you are taking Maths as HL along with Physics and the other two sciences. My reason for saying this is that if you are ready to dedicate yourself completely, like entirely ( hope I am not scaring you) then you should go for it. All in all, for pre med it is ideal for you to take Biology & Chemistry, however, as you said that you are interested in Physics, this is fine, I faced the same situation as you (so I understand your condition completely ) PS - I notice that you took Hindi ( so assuming that you are Indian) (well duh) then I think taking Physics is good idea, to keep options open for India. After all it is your choice. This was just my look out.
  2. Computer Science HL Mathematics HL Drama SL ( i love acting... only as an art)
  3. Well, Languages I am fluent in: 1) Marathi (my mother tongue) 2) Hindi 3) Gujrati 4) Mandarin (almost... so yes) Languages i learnt/learning: 1) Spanish ( Done for 1 year) 2) French ( Still doing ) Urdu kinda...
  4. Not at my school, but in general the people around me either think that we are really spoiled rich punks or pupils of really high acumen.
  5. Considering the fact that I have three sciences as my higher level subjects, I prefer using the classic paper and pen method for my HL subs; as in physics, there are diagrams and formulae which you have to write down, because typing them on a computer is just unimaginable for me and honestly, it slows down your pace. For chemistry and biology I tend to write the down the reactions and the biological diagrams as I find it the best way to remember the things in my class. For my SL subjects I have English A1, French B and Mathematics, I use the classic notebook for Mathematics because of the involvement of graphs and it is really difficult to write notes on a laptop. For my languages, I use my laptop and notebook as the courses require me to write long commentaries for english and maintain presentations etc All in all, I would say, it really depends on your subjects which you take, to some extend, as they play an important role in which method of note taking you should use. That's my look out on the topic!
  6. I know that from 2016 you're not permitted to use calculators for Paper 1 of the sciences (I know for only Physics, Chemistry and Biology, not the rest)
  7. Hello! I have just started my IB classes and WOW! I am really excited! However, the problem seems to be that I am not able to stay on top of my work, or specifically, I am not able to maintain the equilibrium between my assignments (mostly homework...) and my subject revision. So coming to my point, I would really like suggestions from ex - IB students on how I can maintain that balance between homework and revision. PS: 1) I get of free classes during the week, so I try to complete my homework during that time. * you may be thinking so what is the problem 2) I tend to procrastinate... (don't we all do that)
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