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  1. My group one extended essay has a total of 3,340 words. I haven't worked much on it and my supervisor and I reckon it'll be around a D or C. Is there enough words?
  2. In my opinion, they should die if they request to, but ONLY if the patients request to. There's this story about a woman who was 'brain-dead' and could not move, talk, or eat. They thought that she was in a coma, but in reality, she could hear. The doctors requested that they terminate her life by taking her off life support and the only reason they didn't was because her husband told them not to. When she came out of the coma... well.. imagine how pissed off she was
  3. Hello. I'm wondering if someone is willing to give feedback to my essay. it's in English A.
  4. I'm not a chemistry student, but if you can attach a fancy research question then it sounds okay.
  5. Hello IBS Forums, It doesn't seem like I'm going to pass. My CAS is next to nothing complete and my extended essay is a wreck. I'm actually doing fine in my subjects but we have mocks soon and I won't have enough time to finish CAS. I'm sort of in fear of failure and so are my teachers so I'm wondering what I can do if I fail.
  6. This is my personal opinion but I would not recommend that you do your extended essay on religion. You never know who is going to be moderating your exam, and it is not worth the risk to write about a sensitive topic like religion. You have plenty of time to decide on a topic, I would suggest choosing a topic that isn't so subjective.
  7. During IB1 I wanted to Physics HL, but was denied because I was deemed as "unintelligent" and as a poor academic student although I was managing around 30-33 points and I was forced to take Biology HL. I asked if I could do Chemistry as a second science at least, and my school did not let me. During my mock exams in the IB1 I didn't do terribly. I got an average of about 5 points in each subject except for economics which I had not studied too often and I bombed it like usual. I got a 2, and my predicted grade went from around 30-32 to 24-26. I don't even know what the point is in trying. I'm not going to be able to study physics in University, and although my math isn't perfect I love learning about it. My teachers think I'm stupid. None of my IAs are near completion. Universities won't accept any grades lower than 30 points really. I just don't know what to do. My girlfriend notices this and tries to help but nothing can help me. I can't deal with the stress knowing I won't be able to do what I want and I don't have the money for university anyways. I have nothing left to pursue. Almost every night I just sit in my room and hate myself and sob because of how poor of a student I am. What can I do? Is it even worth continuing the IB or life in general?
  8. Hello IBSurvival forums. I know it's really late to be asking this but is there a list of all the topics that are covered in 2015-2016 WITH examples? I'm missing out on some stuff but I'm not sure exactly what...
  9. Thank you so much! It does help me a lot, I kind of know what I'm supposed to do now No problem. If you need help with anything to do with Economics feel free to message me.
  10. Talk about unemployment, talk about what unemployment consists of (seasonal, structural frictional). Talk about economics solutions and their effects, for example raising minimum wage may cause more workers to be fired and may loose incentive, etc and use graphs to demonstrate this. There is plenty more but to be honest I'm busy looking for my own article so I hope I helped
  11. I'm writing my ToK essay on the first question and I'm kinda stuck. My last draft was kinda ambiguous. I have around 800 words right now because I started over.
  12. My English teacher has never handed us back a single grade in any graded assignments, including tests. In fact we have never taken a test in English. She claims that the IB has a rule that no teacher is allowed to disclose any grades, including predicted grades or past grades. Is this true? (I'm 99% sure that shes bull****ting) None of my other teachers do this. We know where we stand in the class and for some reason she feels the need to not tell anyone their grades, so I (including most of my class) have no idea on where to improve, or how to improve.
  13. We don't have an english coordinator. We just have one english teacher, and that's it. Everyone else has been having problems with her and people have been complaining about her but the staff don't believe us, so nothing is getting done. I thank you for your suggestions though.
  14. I'm writing my Written Assignment in Part 1, Works in translation. My teacher has given everyone except me support. Quite literally. Anyways my question is "How is the theme of guilt affected by the setting in Bernhard Schlink's "The Reader?" I've written about 600 words on how the theme is influenced not only from the collective guilt of the German people although I'm not sure I'm coming from the right perspective. Any help would suffice as of late.
  15. At the moment my research question is "To what extent does the great gatsby, death of a salesman, and all the pretty horses have an effect on the perspective of the American Dream?" I currently have 2,000 words. I'm completely stuck. MY supervisor isn't giving any helpful suggestions and I'm convinced that my question is too difficult to analyse and actually write a decent essay about. I really need help.
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