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  1. Haha you'll be fine then! Honestly though, look into the study guides - they remove the 'unnecessary' narrative of the textbooks.
  2. For physics I can't recommend the Oxford Physics Study guide enough - it is so so so good! It has all the core content (both SL and HL) as well as all the options. It's not that pricey either. It explains things much better than the textbooks (Cambridge and Oxford) in my opinion. Are you finished with TOK and all your IAs? If you aren't get them done asap - it's pretty hard to combine hardcore revision while having those other assignments in the back of your head. Once they're done, 3 months is actually a lot of time if you keep your focus. Also, PRACTICE PAST PAPERS regularly. Solving physics problems is a bit like writing in another language - you need to practice every day to attain fluency. Best of luck, you can do this!!!
  3. Hello all, It says on the highest grade boundary for Criterion A (Lang B SL): To what extent is a source 'fully described'? Also, I just want to make sure I understand - the aim of the WA is the 'point'/thesis? E.g. I'm writing an open letter to encourage people to pursue careers in physics, chemistry etc etc - is that my aim also? Pardon the stupid question heh :$
  4. Yes, you get to choose the topic and pick the sources but you need to check with your teacher that the subject and the sources are appropriate.
  5. evelynrose

    The Oxbridge Guide

    I have a question about my chances at applying for NatSci at Cambridge. Due to extreme health issues (I missed an entire term, the term before final exams...) I took half my exams in May and will take the rest next year. From this session I got 6 in English HL, 7 in Mother Tongue SL, and 7 in history SL, A in TOK, and C in EE. Will Cambridge frown upon my health issues (they are chronic..)? I am predicted 6s in Physics HL, Maths HL, and French B SL. Do I have a shot in hell of at least getting an interview if I excel at the pre-interview test? Ugh, I am so nervous.......
  6. Also, does anyone know how much the remark fee for the EE is?
  7. Hello IBS I got my results yesterday and for my EE in maths I got 22/36 i.e. a C. I need one more point to increase it to a B. In TOK I got an A and I would really like the 3 bonus points. How likely is it that my grade will be raised? Is it worth asking for a remark?
  8. Sure, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to compare the book to the film adaptation. Just don't get too lost in film techniques and so on, make sure that the literature is you primary focus. Actually, I suppose you could compare how literary versus visual techniques portray the characters... As long as you fulfil the Knowledge criterion, you should be fine. Yup, I know the book (and the film). In English it's called Let the Right One In but I have to say, the Swedish version is much better
  9. Hi I deleted my original post before you responded. But I admit I read the question wrong so you are not replying to nobody.Yeah exactly, I would write a new EE in a different subject group and use my old one as an IA, provided that I shorten it down
  10. Hi everyone! I have written my EE in maths, and am predicted a B (for first draft). I really want an A and I don't feel like I can get that within my topic... Time aside, can I use my EE as my IA? Or will it be too formal?
  11. This is an extract from the May 2015 Extended Essay report in mathematics. I have a question regarding the proofs... What I have done is, I have done research in math books and online and have come across proofs. I have read them, understood them, and rewritten them so that they are seamlessly tied into my essay. The thing is, a proof is a proof. The aim of a proof is to prove an idea (duh!) in as simple and concise a manner as possible - of course, I aim to do this myself. The reason why I am asking is because I don't want my proofs to be caught for plagiarism. Another extract. For example, the proof referred to above was seen as one of the most challenging proofs - it was really difficult to prove! There are only so many ways in which a student can write this without reminiscing the original proof. Math EE students/alumni! Please help!
  12. Hello, fellow IBSers! I am currently editing my first draft of my WL essay; however I am not sure if my question is good enough. I am doing it on Chronicle of a Death Foretold, and my RS talked about Vicario remorse, honour, and machismo. My current essay title is Vicario Remorse: The effects of Latin-American machismo in Chronicle of a Death Foretold and my 'question' is How is Vicario remorse depicted and to what extent is this a result of machismo? Is my question okay, or do I need to make it tighter?
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