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  1. Homicidal_Freak7

    Maths IA - Gini Coefficient HELP!!!

    Hi guys! My maths IA is going to be based on the gini coeffeicent and measuring the income ineqaulity in Singapore. So i was wondering whether there were any theorems that could help me with my IA? Thanks so much!
  2. Homicidal_Freak7

    History IA HELP!!

    hi! I just wanted to know whether the cuban revolution is a popular topic as i would like to do something that is slightly unique for my IA! I plan on focusing on the women's social and economic implications in the Cuban Revolution! Thanks in advance!
  3. Homicidal_Freak7

    Computer Science IA HELP!!

    Also, for my IA, should i learn Java first and then learn JDBC or should i just stick with Java (As i would like to connect to my MsAcess Database) !? I also have to a SQL database right?
  4. Homicidal_Freak7

    Computer Science IA HELP!!

    Hi! I would like to know whether the following would be a suitable topic for Computer Science IA : - A database for universities that students can use and it will filter out the the specific university depending on certain criteria's such as grades, subjects, courses. I plan on using Java and Microsoft Access to make this! Do you think this will be a good IA?
  5. Homicidal_Freak7

    History IA HELP!!

    Should i be focusing my investigation on a specific country such as the US?
  6. Homicidal_Freak7

    History IA HELP!!

    Hi guys! I am supposed to submit my IA topic for history soon and i was wondering whether an investigation on "the women's involvement during World War 2" would be a suitable topic?

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