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  1. thanks for replying so quickly! First, I'll be establishing the market structure that the firm is operating in, then I'll be plotting where the firm is on the respective market structure's breakeven graph and establish where it is and then outline my recommendations to the firm in order to reach a break-even point if it hasn't reached it yet. Is this alright? Or should I change my theory to something else?
  2. Hey all, I need help with my econs EE. Its about finding the breakeven point of a fast-food company. I have data on most of the variable costs as well as their revenue and am working on getting data on fixed costs. however, i was only able to get data for all of these on a 2 hour basis. Would this be enough to ensure a good ee on breakeven? also, is this topic 'econs' enough? do tell me if y'all need any more information on this
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