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  1. Xavier

    You know you're in IB when.......

    You say the words: "My heart and soul could still study, but my body is just too tired"
  2. Xavier

    Biology EE methodology on bacterial growth help?

    I did my Biology IA investigating the anti-bacterial effects of honey. For the plates I made a 2% agar-chicken stock solution and the bacteria was attained from just swabbing my mouth. Then I just spread 5ml of different concentrations of honey-water solutions onto the plates. Just in case the home made plates wouldn’t work I also had back up blood medium plates that the school happened to have. However feasible results were gained with both types of plate. Since it is an EE I recommend controlling the type of bacteria rather than swabbing for it, but the rest of the procedure could be similar. Either make the growth medium yourself or alternatively order some online. At least with honey anything over 25% concentration killed almost everything so I suggest you use lower concentrations of medicine e.g. the amount you would normally take being close to the highest. There are lots of recipes for agar growth gels online, but I used a 2% agar gel for extra firmness, also take your time when making them. You may also need an incubator to control growth conditions. Hope this helped and best of luck with your experiments!
  3. Xavier

    Biology IA Yeast Help

    Like the previous commenter I recommend also just having one independent variable. Changing the amount of sugar is much easier to control compared to temperature. For the amounts I suggest looking at recipes for bread or some other dough (scaling amounts down). This also can add “personal engagement†to your IA.
  4. Xavier

    Reactions of NAD, FAD, NADP

    Wow! We would never even have those notes lol...I hope our class is not screwed for the final. Our bio department is pretty bad, everybody basically helps themselves in class Our bio is roughly the same, the notes are are ones I made myself while studying for my ee...
  5. B and A languages often require different things form students. A languages will focus on on literature while B will focus on knowledge, understanding and use of the language. So if you feel like you can score better with analyzing text then take A Swedish. Though if you are a native speaker you should be able to get an easy 7 from B. Universities have entry requirements and if you don't meet em it is unlikely that you will get an offer, so you should take that into consideration when deciding aswell. Personally i just dropped from Finnish A SL to B SL, mainly because I was having problems with grammar spelling etc. but also because it will help me get a better predicted grade and hopefully a better final one as well.
  6. Xavier

    Reactions of NAD, FAD, NADP

    I'm assuming the question involves the electron transport chain. So to solve the problem you need to look at complex i (NADH Dehydrogenase). Put simply NADH donates 2 electrons to FMN, which passes them on to Q10 (ubiquanone) through a series of iron-sulfate clusters. So I'm guessing that's where your 2e- come from. Through out this process 4H+ ions are from the matrix into the intermembrain, two more are given used to reduce ubiquanone to ubiquanol. So the complete equation looks something like this: NADH + Q + 5H+ ---> NAD+ QH2 + 4H+ (Hydrogen on the left side is in the matrix, while on the right it is in the intermembrain space.) FAD works in a similar way in complex ii compared to how FMD works in complex i. However instead of oxidizing NADH it oxidizes succinate... This is from my notes so not sure how accurate they are. Just a disclaimer...
  7. Xavier

    Most Intellectual Video Game?

    There is a game called fold it, which is a puzzle game that involves the player solving puzzles by folding proteins in different ways. If you are a biology student you might get some useful information and the puzzles of the game have been used in high level research, so while playing you are contributing to the future of humanity. However having fun might not have been the primary goal of the developers when creating the game... If you like puzzle games it might be worth giving a shot.
  8. Hello again intelligent IB survivalists! What are we doing "wrong", what will future generations look back at us and criticize? If we recognize these issues is it too late to change? Will we change? Looking forward to your answers!
  9. Xavier

    English B Extended Essay

    I'd say roll with it, it isn't too broad, but I haven't read the book so I don't know how shallow a topic it is. other than that, I like it, not much more to say. It fits in well with the idea of what an EE should be like and since its B English, one book should be enough.
  10. Xavier

    Is there such a thing as free will?

    Interesting responses, How about the thought of just having an illusion of control, sure like CkyBlue said our thoughts go with our wants and desires, but don't the reactions that enable us to interpret these happen before we are aware of them, like thoughts they are controlling how you act and you are only left with an illusion that you made a choice, when in reality the path of reactions that would lead to you feeling those emotions/feelings/thoughts, were set into action by stimuli. And yes like Excalibre said we get massive amounts of stimuli through out the day, but again out brain will interpret all of them without our "consent" in a certain way and the chain of events leading from one thing to another will continue without our control. Sure they may seem random but, that's what makes the illusion of control even stronger. What I'm trying to get at is how can we control reactions when they happen before we are aware of them, the reaction happens then the thought. If there is an external mechanism that is controlling the reactions like a soul, how would you justify you being in control of that? EDIT: From some quick googling I found this video. In breast the guy talks about a materialist stance, which represents quite well the argument I was trying to make. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDkLUBdvOkw
  11. Xavier

    Bio IA: Eye colour and personality correlation

    When thinking of an topic it might be good to have a few hypothesis in mind. Why would you expect there to be a connection between eye colour and behaviour? Remember that correlation doesn't always mean causation. Also if you had a valid hypothesis to begin with and don't get an result, then that is also a result you can analyse. No result is a result in itself. Personally a safe bet for an bio IA would be something to do with ecology.
  12. Xavier

    How long should each section of the EE be?

    I have had the privilege of working in a lab and have been using the basic equipment like centrifuges and vortexes etc. but then I have also been using kits to extract RNA and a spectrophotometer and other fancy stuff. I know the theory behind them but it would take too much space in my essay. That's my main concern that the essay will just become too long... Some of the error calculations just seem unnecessary since i have used measures, like running duplicates and having three different families (I'm measuring gene levels in ciona) so these should and have reduced the errors of my experiments. I've used about 2 billion different pipettes and from what my data looks like it is irrelevant what the errors were (I know that sounds stupid). Finally the amount of raw data that I have used to get my final results is about 8 pages of numbers. should i include that? Thanks for the advice!
  13. I know this is an age old question, but I would like to hear your views on this, as intellectual IB students. Also depending on what answer you come to is this good or bad? So, if you have ever thought about it, do we actually have any control over the actions that we do. Our thoughts are just chemical reactions in our brain, caused by stimuli. When you are conscious of the a thought, the chemical reaction has already happened. So the question turns to do you have control of these chemical reactions? A chemical reaction needs to be started by something so how could you be creating these reactions just by shear force of will, which would also be an chemical reaction. This purely biological approach might seem to some kinda depressing, since it would mean our lives are purely deterministic, since it is dependent on external stimuli, which are dependent on other stimuli. Longish story short, we only have the illusion of control, but in actuality have none.
  14. While writing my materials and methods section of my EE, I noticed it was getting a bit long... well its only about 900 words but I haven't even finished the rough draft and I would estimate the final length of it to be around 1000-1200 words. To me this seems like a lot so I was wondering what is a typical length for one? Also in my experiments I have used a lot of equipment and most of what I have done isn't covered by the syllabus... do I need to explain the theory of all the machines I've used? Final question.... Do I need to show all of the raw data and calculations+uncertainties? Thanks to everyone already in advance!
  15. Xavier

    Three conditions in Psychology SL IA?

    I'm also doing my IA on Craik and Tulving (1975), the idea is that you can modify the experiment to make it simpler. For example our experiment had just two variables. So as long as it's not different form the original study, you can be quite free in what you do.

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