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  1. Pepiii_98

    English A IOP Presentation Help [URGENT]

    Sorry, I now will not be asking for your IOPs. The text I have decided to do my IOP presentation on is "Martin Luther King Jr.", don't know if he is popular where you live. I have been thinking about looking at his literary techniques in his works, such as in his speechs or essays. Please help it is due in less than 48 hours if I don't do it I will have to drop IB and start doing "VET" any my parents might disown me.
  2. Pepiii_98

    English A IOP Presentation Help [URGENT]

    Please send help............. I won't copy word for word... If you know what eym sayin'??
  3. Someone gift me their IOP pls, i got my back against the wall, nuttin' to lose, need it now!! Sincerly - The Gold Ezreal
  4. So after a week of many IB tests, I decided to play some Minecraft in the weekend to help me relax. I went on my usualy server (mc.hypixel.net) to play some minigames when someone in chat asked if anyone wanted to play with him. So I message him and he asks to add me on Skype for call, thinking that nothing could go wrong I add him. Big mistake... He starts a call with me and we go into a game, he sounds friendly at first but after I screw up and get us both killed, he hangs up the call and says to me in Skype chat: "F**KING NOOB IM GONNA DDOS U KIDDO" before he blocks/unfriends me. I ignore him and continue to play Minecraft by myself as I didn't think he could "DDOS" me, but around 30 minutes after, my internet starts becoming very slow and it stayed slow even after I restart my modem. Due to this "DDOS" attack I am no longer able to access school PowerPoints or past tests. How can I defend my internet from this "DDOS" attack??? My parents are angry now as well because my internet is very slow but I have not told them about the "DDOS" attack yet because I think they will be angry at me. Please help, thanks, very urgent.
  5. Pepiii_98

    Should I Do It?

    I think they do not like me because they all think I play too much video games. And because my grades are not very good and so they think my project idea is bad.
  6. Pepiii_98

    Scared AF

    cya cya have a nice dream why do you want to do hl chem if you never do any chem (pre IB) before??
  7. Pepiii_98

    Should I Do It?

    Yes ok thank you, I will try start my CAS project by myself but I will also ask my CAS superviser to see if it is ok to do so. Thanks
  8. Pepiii_98

    Should I Do It?

    Yeah sorry I was in rush when I made this post, sorry. My issue is that I believe CAS project need to be done with some other IB students, but no one want to work with me for my CAS project? So I was asking, should "I" (that is, by myself) do it? (it being, my CAS project) Hope this clears is up.
  9. Pepiii_98

    Should I Do It?

    I think everyone doing IB need to have a CAS project yes? By "it" I mean my CAS project B.T.W
  10. Pepiii_98

    Should I Do It?

    What I gotta do. (CAS project)
  11. Pepiii_98

    Should I Do It?

    Title. Please help thanks!
  12. Pepiii_98

    Is eating a waste of time?

    its not waste of time eating is good 4 u

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