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  1. Hey guys! I've applied to Sydney uni for a double degree in Engineering and Science. One reason I picked Sydney uni over unsw is due to Sydney's very extensive and prominent Talented Students Program in the sciences. On their website, it reads that the 'normal' requirement to be invited to this program is by achieving a 99.00 ATAR or greater or achieving expectional results in science or maths subjects. I failed to achieve an ATAR of 99.00 as I only achieved 40 IB points which translates to an ATAR of 98.30 (only 1 mark away in 2 subjects to achieve 42 points (ATAR 99.45)) However, I earned 7's in HL Physics, Maths and Chemistry and achieved an A in my physics EE. I was wondering if Sydney uni would take this in to account while forming their decision? Thanks for the help in advance!
  2. I was actually conducting my physics EE on the research question how the the relative humidity affect the swing of a cricket ball. I had a good explanation and preamble to my EE but then only problem came up when I couldn't collect as much reliable data as I wanted. Anyhow, I feel as though the only problem with doing an investigation in sports is the collection of data. If you have thought of a reliable way to collect significant data then go for it!
  3. Same I thought Paper 2 was comparable to the May one, and wasn't too bad. I was expecting something more difficult. What did you find hard about paper 1? I know many of my peers said that they ran out of time. I thought it wasn't too bad though.
  4. I would recommend you to do something more original. As I have heard many people choose Fourier transforms for their maths IA. But if you still want to do it then try to be creative!
  5. Hey! I have finished my EE on physics, but I am having second doubts about the topic and the question. I had decided to investigate the maximum power theorem for circuits. I just wanted to know whether this is a suitable topic, since I have gotten a little bit intimidated by other peoples EE. I hope that the topic is seen by the marker as a physics topic and not an engineering one! Thanks in advance!
  6. I have not sat this exam but it sounds like it was difficult! What was so difficult about it? Any questions that were particularly difficult?
  7. Well the halogenoalkane would have the same structural form as ethene, since we can just replace all the hydrogens with chlorine atoms and not change the double bond between the carbon atoms. Therefore CCl4 would have a double bond between the carbon atoms.
  8. LolzDoingIB

    The Oxbridge Guide

    Hey guys, II was planning to apply to cambridge, my dream uni .I was wondering when I should apply to cambridge, since I will be sitting the 2016 November examinations. Should I apply in 2016 October so that, I start uni October 2017, and in the process have a break year ? I'm not sure, since the application process is made for students that sit their exams in may!!
  9. Ummm.... I dont think it's to advance, but it depends on how you intend to further develop your ideas. You could, per se, compare the volume and surface area in different dimensions. But this may be way beyond the level of IB maths.
  10. Hey guys I am a Maths HL student, and recently i came up with an idea to do my Maths IA on, comparing two ways of solving Trig equations. One of the ways of solving Trig equations, is by using the trig identities and the other way is by using the De Moivre's theorem. I was wondering if I could explain these 2 ways and different ways and i could somehow come to a conclusion on which way is better (i.e. by counting number of step required to arrive at the general solution) for what type of trig equation I understand both methods quite well since I watched the Khan Academy Videos on them!! But I was wondering if this sort of idea was fine for a Maths HL IA. Any help would be appreciated!!
  11. The most important thing is to go with your heart, and see what you like to study. There is more maths in Chem HL compared to Chem SL or Bio HL, but all the maths is quite straightforward and not too difficult. Personally I enjoy the maths component associated with Chem HL.
  12. Never give up. Even when you think it's all over. Though what is it do you find difficult? Is it the content or the concepts, or is it some other factor? Whatever it is try to first understand the problem and work towards fixing it. It is important to understand that marks do not signify how you are as a person in anyway. Great physicist never thought about how much they got in an exams but they always looked at the bigger picture. It was their passion that drove them not their marks or their capability. If one is determined enough anything is possible!! Hope that helps.
  13. What is this equation? If I were you i would not included this formula since, the IB moderators are really looking for material that you understand and can develop rather than some really complicated equation that has just been sourced from the internet. What is your physics EE on? Make sure not to make it too complicated as the moderators could take away marks very easily. Hope that helps!
  14. It's been way more than 24 hours now, so I thought I would make a discussion for maths HL. How did you guys find paper 1, paper 2 and paper 3 for maths HL for the november 2015 session? I am sitting the November 2016 exams but my maths teacher gave me a copy of the November 2015 Maths HL exams just to have a look, and I found the questions quite do able. Just to let you guys know I spoke to some students who sat the November 2015 session and they said that they found the exams easier than some past papers!! Hope you guys found them the same?
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