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  1. "The danger of the Cuban Missile Crisis has been greatly exaggerated. To what extent do you agree?" Could you please tell me what all points I have to inculcate in this question to get a 7?
  2. It does not involve my core points. The thing is, My school has this strict policy from this year onward that anyone below 24 has to do the certificate course. So now i have the option of doing either the certificate course or repeating for my diploma. I am applying to colleges in United Kingdom and Australia which do not accept candidates with the certificate . But after research and a lot of thought, i have decided to take the certificate course and apply to the foundation courses in these colleges ( which i can get through easily). But if I get atleast a 30, They might just consider me for the degree.
  3. Hello, My IB predicted grades for year 1 were 22. And i would just like to know if a 6 point jump or even more is possible in Year 2. The colleges I am applying for require atleast 27 points and that is why. Otherwise i have no other option but to repeat
  4. Most decent colleges do not accept certificate for my course. And i always wanted to apply in Australian National University, However there is a foundation course available in the university for my course. I am not sure whether they accept certificate for the foundation course and I have already sent them a letter. Keeping this in mind, What do you think? Repeating a grade would do me much better or applying for the foundation course?
  5. I have a choice between the IB certificate and repeating the grade. I am planning to do international relations for the my undergraduate degree. Please could you tell me what to do.
  6. I have decided the topic and everything. But the essay has to be argumentative right? Please could you tell me on how to go about the essay?
  7. Hey guys, I need help in deciding my Internal Assessment topic. I have formulated my topic:- To what extent was international pressure in the ending of Apartheid in South Africa? Is this a fine question? Please tell me how to go about this topic.
  8. I chose england and china in 1839-60. will that be fine?
  9. How significant was the influence of opium wars on the social and economic problems in eastern asia throughout the 1900's. This was my initial RQ, however my supervisor says that the time period and region is too big to handle.
  10. Hey guys, I've been struggling to think of a history extended essay topic for the past few weeks and am unable to think of anything. I thought of doing of the Opium Wars, but i need to narrow down to a research question. If you guys could help me out?
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