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  1. daiisycurtis

    English A1 Lit HL Essay - 20/20

    English A1 Lit HL Essay - 20/20 View File Hi This is my first 20/20 in an English A Lit HL Paper 1 exam and as lots of people asked, I thought I might as well just upload it here! Good luck everyone! Daisy. Submitter daiisycurtis Submitted 04/20/2016 Category Sample essays
  2. daiisycurtis

    English A1 Lit HL Essay - 20/20

    Hi This is my first 20/20 in an English A Lit HL Paper 1 exam and as lots of people asked, I thought I might as well just upload it here! Good luck everyone! Daisy.
  3. daiisycurtis

    What is your hardest and easiest subject?

    English A Lit HL - hardest Easiest? Bitch nothing's easy in IB (French B HL though if I had to choose)
  4. Hey So I feel weird saying this (it feels super show-offy) but I recently recieved a 20/20 in paper 1 for my mock exam. A few people asked me to send it to them, so if it is of any interest, I'm more than happy to share (it's just a scanned copy of my hand-written essay but hey). It's taken two years to get to this point and now that I get what's required I don't find it too hard anymore! I know it's super close and people are stressing out about English cause it's so darn hard. Long story short, if you want my essay, PM me your email address and I'll send it to you (I chose Prose and here's the paper: http://richardmajor.com/BezigradGymnasium/baccprep/pastexams/EnglishA1HLpaper1TZ2v09.pdf ) Good luck guys! There's not much longer to go!
  5. daiisycurtis

    You know you are an IB student when...

    Agree. You know you're in IB when you procrastinate on revising by revising a less important subject
  6. daiisycurtis

    Structure and Tips for Paper 1?

    Hey Whereas I've always chosen poetry, I took prose for the first time ever as I simply couldn't be bothered to read the poem - it looked long and complicated and I was hot and bored haha. So yeah - I'll PM you a copy when I get home
  7. daiisycurtis

    not allowed to take language B

    I believe so... But it really depends what you want to do at uni and where you're going to apply
  8. daiisycurtis

    not allowed to take language B

    You would be doing a bilingual diploma if you do two A languages (which looks pretty good). However, no they cannot force you. I'm fluent in French and I take French B HL because my school doesn't offer the bilingual diploma
  9. daiisycurtis

    Structure and Tips for Paper 1?

    Hi I've always scored a high 6 on Paper 1, and I finally (on the last mocks, just weeks before my exam), think I managed to crack it! I got a 20/20! I don't know exactly what I did or why it's good, but if you would like me to, I can send you a scan of my exam and you can pick out what I did that you didn't... Just an idea. Let me know if you want it Good luck
  10. daiisycurtis

    Is this too much?

    Do whatever you enjoy at HL and this will give you the best grades as you'll find it easy to study. I take languages and literature and this isn't too hard for me. My brother takes the same as you (Chem, Bio and History) and he doesn't find it too hard as he loves it. If we swapped we'd both fail! As long as you keep at it, revise steadily and don't give up you'll be fine whatever you choose! Good luck
  11. daiisycurtis

    How to structure answers involving calculator?

    Firstly, unless the question is worth a huge number of points, my understanding is that we're allowed to use the calculator if we can. However, you have to write down exactly what you did. E.g. "Using the GDC to calculate the derivative..." Secondly, TO THE END OF THE BOX. They scan our papers, and the scanners pick up the boxes. So anything inside will be counted, anything outside won't be! Good luck!
  12. daiisycurtis

    About to start "Theory of Knowledge", any tips?

    Hey, So I'm a May 2016 student (yes, 18 days to go). I was exactly the same as you before starting TOK. When I went to my first class my teacher tried to convince me that her desk was an optical illusion. Me being me, I looked at her plainly and said "right, and all the stuff on the desk is floating then?". I definitely gave her a laugh. Next subject: aliens. This went down exactly the same with me. I simply did not get it and I just ended up thinking "what the heck am I doing here?" HOWEVER, I did find it amusing to see how philosophical everybody else was getting! TOK is a great moment to wind down and be a bit ridiculous in your suggestions! (We had a debate about whether there was a correct version of the English language - American vs. English). Also, as I'm pretty good at English and love writing, and the essay questions are always broad and interesting, it wasn't too bad. Also, in my school, there is no continuous assessment in TOK. This means that the only thing we really get graded for is the TOK essay, which is extremely easy to bull****. You just have to make sure you sound confident and intelligent. Use big words. Be concise but general and you'll be fine! It's only a small part of the IB anyway and if you're good at everything else, you'll work the essay out for sure Good luck.
  13. daiisycurtis


    Omg that's terrible! My guess would be that you can't really do very much about it - because even though it's not your fault, you're at fault for submitting it without proof reading it. Have you talked to your coordinator? He should know what to do... Maybe he can write to the IBO, but unfortunately I don't think they'll care who's fault it is... One of my friends wrote that hitler was an "arse" in her GCSE history paper and all that happened to her was they sent her a letter asking her not to do it again. She still got an A*. The Group 4 reflection is for sciences right? That shouldn't actually be graded, just like the Viva Voce, I think. It's just to support your IA, so you should be fine. I reckon all that will happen is that it'll give your examiner a laugh / a bad impression. All you can do is see your coordinator and then sit tight! Good luck.
  14. daiisycurtis

    Maths SL P2 can you lose points for using a GDC?

    Ok perfect! Thanks so much for explaining this!
  15. daiisycurtis

    Maths SL P2 can you lose points for using a GDC?

    So here for example in this question, part b. ii. Here's the question and the mark scheme, and then what I did: I didn't do exactly what the mark scheme says, so to speak, but I did enough and got the same result. It's the same in quite a few of the different instances. I know for most of the other TIs, you have to go through z, but I don't need to so surely doing it anyway would just be wasting my time? thanks!

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