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  1. The_lion_Brian

    Remarking Question

    Thank you for the reply! Since starting this topic I have talked to my guidance counselor and they said that IB does not re-score Extended Essays. I've read on other forums showing students getting their EE remarked and getting a higher score. I am really confused right now whether or not EE can be remarked by IB.
  2. The_lion_Brian

    Remarking Question

    Hello! After receiving the IB scores I was bummed out that i got a 23/24 only missing the diploma by 1 point . I have checked everything and have every requirement except the 24 points to receive the diploma. I saw that remarking was a way to regrade papers to have the possibility to have a higher score. I am currently finding ways to get an extra point through remarking papers for that IB Diploma . Plan A to get 1 point.) So, I received an C on TOK and a D on my EE. I heard that If I were to get a C on both the TOK and EE that I would be eligible for an extra point. In regards to my EE I was only 2 marks off of a C. So my question is, is it worth getting remarked and what are the chances of getting a C? Also, can you remark papers from a previous year? I took an IB class junior year SL Chemistry and got a 3, was 1 mark off of a 4. wondering if this is eligible for a remark. I know this sounds dumb but I really want that extra point for the IB Diploma . Final note, thank you all for helping me through IB! Although, I was never really active and only came to ask for advice in dire situations it was nice to be apart of a community that is very helpful and caring. IB Diploma or not I have no regrets taking IB and will always cherish the knowledge and skills I have gained from this amazing experience.
  3. The_lion_Brian

    What is your hardest and easiest subject?

    I find Biology HL to be my hardest class and English HL and History HL to be my easiest. Ironically though, throughout high school I loved math/science and excelled in it until senior year and couldn't comprehend literature until this year.
  4. Hey guys, I'm in a dilemma right now. My KQ is Should art be free of ownership? and my RLS is the 500,000 pirated copies of Kanye's new album and how he lost about 10 million dollars. Basically I kind of want to talk about the different perceptions between the artist vs the consumer in a way to include emotion and reasoning. Also, after the artist distributed the music who owns it? However, I find it challenging to connect the RLS with the KQ. I'm not sure if this is strong enough or if I should just change the RLS entirely or change my KQ. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
  5. The_lion_Brian

    IB Math Studies vs AP Calculus

    Thanks guys for your advice! I'm just gonna talk to my guidence about my issue, I was just wondering If any of you had experience with this before I talk to him !
  6. The_lion_Brian

    IB Math Studies vs AP Calculus

    Thanks for the responses, I would like to clarify, this is the first day of school and on my schedule they put me in IB Math Studies even though I have passed IB Pre-Calculus (I think it may be known as IB Math SL?). However other students I know who have passed IB Pre-Calculus as well, moved on to Calculus. Im just confused why I was put into IB Math Studies in the first place?
  7. The_lion_Brian

    IB Math Studies vs AP Calculus

    Hello, I am currently a senior at my high school and in my junior year I passed the IB Pre-Calculus with a B and I thought that I would move on to AP Calculus since that is what other IB students who took IB Pre-Calculus junior year went to. However this year I was put into IB Math Studies and was confused. I actually wanted to do Calculus in high school so that I can understand it before moving on to college, also I thought that AP Calculus looked stronger on my resume than IB Math Studies since I am focusing on studying engineering in college. But, as I though about it more is IB Math Studies weighted stronger than AP Calculus? Will the topics I learn in IB Math Studies make me better prepared for the Math I take in college?
  8. The_lion_Brian

    EE Help - History, Nike's Growth

    Hey guys I'm back! I've been researching more about Nike and I tried to alter my RQ to be more history concentrated. Would this RQ be better, "To what extent has China contributed to Nike's success in the 80s?" I feel that this RQ is less focussed on the "aggresive marketing strategies" and more on the history of Nike. Also, I found a lot of information about Nike and China's deal in the 80s, however, if this RQ is okay, am I allowed to talk a little about the economic deals between both countries, like some simple statistics, as well as history behind both Nike and China (Ex. Nike's quest to find a stable asian market to mass produce, difficulties to do business with China) without going off topic and the subject of History?
  9. The_lion_Brian

    EE Help - History, Nike's Growth

    Thank you both for your wonderful advice! The EE Coordinator at my school just seemed to really stress me out which is why I sound all over the place. You guys really helped me take a deep breath and not stress too much . In regards to my topic I do think that I was researching topics the wrong way, I read on the "Extended Essay for Dummies" thread that you shouldn't try to find topics and fit them into subjects it never works. The Nike topic I just scrapped up in a day, and it's true I shouldn't write on a subject area that i know nothing about (Business). If this topic doesn't end up working, it is nice to know there is a place where I can safely brainstorm ideas and share my concerns with credible feedback from IB Veterans and current IB students alike .
  10. The_lion_Brian

    EE Help - History, Nike's Growth

    Hello, I'm in sort of a stressful situation right now. Long story short, my EE supervisor for my science topic left schools, and the experiment didn't quite work out, so I decided to switch topics. By the way, my Draft is due Late September... I've been researching Nike's company history, and found that Nike began booming in the 1980s. One of the research questions I've been working on is "How Nike's aggressive marketing strategies in the 1980s lead to their international success". I need some advice on if this is even a good topic or I need to rephrase it. Although, I feel this could also be turned into a business EE. The reason I say this is because my school has a quota of 5-8 students per history teacher and I'm confident that they're all taken. However, I know there's a business teacher that has only one student right now and he's open to more but he's not the greatest teacher...but I have barely any knowledge on business let alone writing a good EE based on the business criteria Couple questions I have right now is, How important is a good teacher as a supervisor, since they have limited range in regards to helping you (because as of right now I have no supervisor and the selection of teachers are iffy)? Is changing my topic into a business EE even possible, going in as a newbie to that field? Sorry, my post is so long, I'm just really stressing out on the outlook of my senior year of high school in IB and it's daunting Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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