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  1. GitteVermeer

    Chemistry HL Required Practicals

    Hello, Does anybody have the list of the practicals that we were required to do for Chemistry fro Paper 3? Thanks! P.S. I know some people say there aren't any required practicals but as there are for Physics and Biology I assume there is as well for Chem...
  2. GitteVermeer

    Need help understanding this for my Chemistry HL IA

    I think this is a question for a chemistry teacher... My advice, as a fellow HL Chem student, just do it the way he does, and either don't mention why you made this link or completely bull**** your way around it. If you do it well, your teacher probably won't notice... Good luck!
  3. Hey, I started out doing four highers: Math, Bio, Chem, and Physics, and after a year I dropped to Physics SL, simply because I needed the free periods to focus on my IA's and EE's. I also spoke to some admissions officers at universities in the UK, the Netherlands, and Belgium, and they all said that they do not see taking an extra subject as an advantage, since very often, you don't do as well in the other subjects you take. Having said that, Bio and Chem HL are wonderful subjects to take together at higher level. You can really make connections between them and doing Chem really helps in your understanding of biological processes and vice versa. You can be that kid in the class who goes "we already did this in Chemistry I know all of it already!" Everyone loves that kid Haha ok just kidding, but in all seriousness, Bio and Chem HL are very good. If I were you I would drop English or Psychology to SL, depending on what you want to study after school. Hope this helps!
  4. GitteVermeer

    Growth of plants

    Radish works really well. It germinates within a day, and takes just a few more to grow, and you really only need to water it once for this. You can change any variable, from amount of water to salinity levels of the water, and it will respond very nicely. The only thing I would suggest is that instead of measuring length of the stalk, which can vary simply due to genetic makeup, that you measure how many seeds germinate, or how long it takes for the seeds to germinate, because that it much more reliable data that will most likely not be affected by genetic disposition.
  5. GitteVermeer

    Medicine Clearing

    Hello, In the summer I convinced my parents to let me apply to the UK for Medicine, however, they only agreed if I applied to universities in London, which I did, however, My predicted grade was 38 which was under the required mark for UCL and just on it for Imperial, Kings, and Queen Mary's, so I've already received rejections from two of them and am waiting for the third. However, during these past few months my parents have in fact changed their minds and are letting me apply other places as well, sadly, it's a bit too late for that now, so I have to wait until clearing. I looked up information about clearing, but, ironically, nothing is very clear... All I've gathered so far is that I need to call the universities. What do I say? What do I prepare? Will they still want to interview me afterwards? Any answers to these questions and any other tips would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hello Everyone, The time as come around for choosing a topic for our Science IA. I know that it's supposedly just a very well written lab report, but I have no idea how advanced this experiment needs to be... I really want to investigate the effect of concentration of H+ molecules in the water used to water seeds on the germination of these seeds. However, I this will be quiet easy to do... Does anybody know if it has to be more complicated? And if so, do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. Basically, in the new syllabus, there is a larger focus on how and why we know some things. eg. How the models of the membrane changed over periods of time and why, and who made the models. The biological content itself is very similar according to my teacher
  8. GitteVermeer

    Excel in HL Math IA

    Also, do I screenshot the stuff in my spreadsheet and put it in or do I just summarize the results?
  9. GitteVermeer

    Excel in HL Math IA

    Hello, So I'm writing up my Math IA right now, and I used quite a bit of Excel seeing as I had a formula that was slightly altered each time. To what extent do I need to explain exactly what I did? Like do I need to say exactly what I typed into the boxes, or do I just need to generally outline it? Please answer quickly, I have a draft due in a few days! Thank you!!
  10. Hello! So I've written the first draft of my Biology Extended Essay, and I'm very worried... Not about the content, because I think that's fine, but about the length. It's about 3100 words long.. Now I know that in the extended essay for dummies thing it says that the EE should be at least 3600 words long, but I didn't hear about a minimum.. are those just guidelines or do i actually need to come up with 500 unnecessary words?
  11. GitteVermeer

    Biology extended essay- help with title refinement

    Oh that's actually a really good one!! And sorry about the bio jargon haha, I thought that maybe it would help if I put lots of information. But this is actually really good! Thank you so much! I'm definitely going to run that one by my EE supervisor when school starts again.
  12. Hi! I'm almost finished writing my extended essay, but I can't seem to get a good title :/ My essay is in Biology. It is about internal navigation. Basically, in the hypothalamus and the entorhinal cortex there are two different types of cells called place cells and grid cells that together create a sort of internal map of an environment. I combined this research with the research concerning differences in the brains of males and females to come up with these two research questions: "Can humans find their way back to a place without visual or audible stimuli?" "Is the sense of direction of a human affected by whether the individual is male or female?" I did an experiment which showed that males were slightly better at navigation (to my dismay haha) because of their larger parietal cortex and the increased number of back to front connections which allow for faster communication between the hypothalamus and the entorhinal cortex. Now, I've done extensive research and I've written most of my essay, I'm just really worried about my title... I can't seem to get something that's not too long but still includes sufficient information of what the essay is about. Some of the things I have tried are: A study of the human subconscious ability to navigate from one place to another A study of the potential differences in sense of direction or navigation between human males and females But yeah... nothing sounds right... I was wondering whether anyone here had any good tips on what I could try?

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