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  1. I'm resitting math for the first time. If I get a lower mark this time and my old results, which mark will I get on my certificate? Could you maybe link me to any source from IB regarding this , if you have the time? Thank you in advance.
  2. Are they marked after our may exams or as soon as they receive them? ( around March / April)
  3. Maybe write on this post if you find anything Yeah, I just wanted to check. Please maybe let me know in this post if you happen to find out that it was changed.
  4. If so, could any of you kind people link to the new syllabus? Thank you in advance!
  5. Thank you, I will cut down on some words jus to be safe. Any other advise is greatly appreciated!
  6. My word count is 4300 with all the tables, graphs, table titles and graph titles.. Should I cut down 300 words or keep it as it is? So eventhough the tables and graphs are included in the main body, they aren't counted as words?? Thank you very much for your answers, I was just confused by my supervisor who saaid I should put all of the graphs and tables in the appendix...
  7. I have to cite a source which talks about the laws in Germany regarding handling organic egg-laying hens. However this website is in German and i cant find any english articles about german rules. Is it okay if i cite this german website?
  8. Yes that is true but it is anyhow better to reference books in your extended essay as far as I know. Correct me if I am wrong
  9. I would appreciate if you could recommend me any revlavant chemsitry book but I would mainly prefer any experimental or stochiometry related books for my extended essay, if you happen to know any. Thank you very much for your time and recommendations!
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