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  1. Believe in God if you want, that is fine. But leave out the misunderstandings of evolution and the Paley's-watch-esque arguments that no longer have any weight. Come on, this design nonsense has had its day. Most of the Christians I know are embaressed by this dilution of reasonable thinking wth what is essentially a lack of knowledge about what drives evolution.
  2. Even chemical engineering requires Phy hl?
  3. Thank you for your great responses...I have 1 more.....I am still doing design technology as I am in MYP5, I get 6s in this subject...Would it be goodbto begin giving a bit more effort in it so I could take ITGS sl in ib....Is ITGS sl valued in an engineering course or should I just stick with Econ sl for Dp?
  4. I am gonna be a 10 th grader in a few days and aiming to keep my MYP chem grade at 7 as I am interested in takin Chem. Hl in Dp..... I knw that our main topic in grade 10 will be stoichiometry...Can anyone pls suggest the best way to start learning stoichimetry as I wanna be ahead by the time we begin school. What strategies can I use to understand and hopefully master some stoichiometry before school opens?
  5. But if u doing something like Chemical or Biochemical engineering, I dont think physics is required and especially at hl.
  6. Thank you for your advise...:-)....do you find it difficult now as it seems like you didnt take any physics
  7. Thank you for your advise...how was MATH HL in your opinion? Managable or
  8. I heard unis like student who do extracurriculars as well as get top marks. I am a top notch academically and a decent basketball player.....but i am next year going yo start DP with MATH HL, CHEM HL probably bio sl, econ sl, Eng B hl, swa A sl. With the math hl and chem hl workload....will I stil be able to improve in a sport.....Can I get please any feedback from Ib Dp candidates or ppl who have completed the IB...on if I will still be able to devote some time for baasketball with subjects like math hl.
  9. Would Ineed that phy Hl evn for chemical engineering
  10. I want to study chemical engneering, as my physics isnt great but my math is splendid. Weird thing I know:-) would these subjects be fine? Math Hl Chem Hl Eng B Hl Bio Sl Econ Sl Swahili A sl If wanted to do aeronatical or mechanical engineering....would the subjects below be fine....as well as not taking Phy Hl..... Math hl Chem hl Phy sl Eng B hl Econ sl Swa A sl
  11. Can someone explain the ACT tests in detail because i might take them.
  12. I want to specialise in engineering probably chemical engineering since my physics isnt extradionary but my maths is splendid. Which combinations as most ideal for chem. Engineering. Math hl, chem hl, bio sl, econ sl Eng B hl, Swahili A sl Math hl, chem hl, phy sl, econ sl Eng B hl, swa A sl...... ..... By the way, can i take something like mechanical engineering with phy sl, chem hl, math hl ?
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