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  1. Elite X-Naut


    If I'm not mistaken this is the first time global politics is running as a non-pilot course. Basically, how to do very well in politics will be difficult to judge and thus it would be a higher risk to take it over econ, however if you have the interest you may keep it. If you're more focused on marks, econ SL is definitely the way to go. At my school it's regarded as the easiest IB course you can take (where the term "ez 7" was coined), albeit as an IB course it still has content and diagrams that you must learn and memorize. For econ, I feel that it's one of those subjects where you know how to get to the next level. Ie if you're performing at a level 5, it's easy to find out how to improve and start getting 6s. I have a 6 in Econ HL right now and I'm on the path to raising it to a 7 simply because I looked at the tests where I got straight 6s, and realized I wasn't studying enough to retain all the information. As a result the past 3 tests have been straight 7s. Disclaimer: Although I'm sure many people will find econ easier than politics, this is still my opinion so don't take my word for granted. Hope this helped.
  2. Elite X-Naut

    Chemistry study guide

    Sorry for the late response, but get the Oxford Study Guide by Geoffrey Neuss. Lots of meaning in a short number of words and is recommended by most people.
  3. Elite X-Naut

    IB help? Why am I doing SO BAD????

    Oh that's totally fine, when you said ECs I thought it meant everything including outside of school, my apologies. Don't worry about it then and just keep up decent grades.
  4. Elite X-Naut

    IB help? Why am I doing SO BAD????

    Well you're going to be writing about it in your university application and some schools like in the US could interview you. It would be sort of awkward saying you last did things in grade 11, but if you're dropping, you can definitely afford time for it. Besides, enjoy your ECs! They're worth a lot more than just something to put on your application.
  5. Elite X-Naut

    IB help? Why am I doing SO BAD????

    No ECs??? Ontario universities are the type that will reject you even if you had a 90% average and no ECs. They care a lot about what you do outside of academics, so not doing any will really hinder your chances. If you're dropping completely I'm sure you'd have enough time to participate in ECs and clubs and still do well in school.
  6. Elite X-Naut

    IB help? Why am I doing SO BAD????

    Whoa that's pretty bad...are you still staying in the program then? Sounds like you're going to have to self-teach a lot of things.
  7. Elite X-Naut

    IB help? Why am I doing SO BAD????

    Paper 1 is comprehension, paper 2 and the written assignment is writing, and the IAs or orals require verbal comprehension and communication. Also, that sucks that you have to do IB topics at the end...because you're supposed to do only IB topics throughout the two years and any additional material just adds to time constraints.
  8. Elite X-Naut

    IB help? Why am I doing SO BAD????

    Good point, unless you have level 7s or high 6s, in Ontario you'll almost definitely get a better mark by dropping out. The provincial curriculum is indeed a lot easier than the IB. Thanks for reminding me, beyondtheimagine.
  9. Elite X-Naut

    IB help? Why am I doing SO BAD????

    Well, the IB has their own grading system since it's international but the conversions are just for Ontario. If you're considering of dropping, you could try talking to non-IB friends about their marks and predict if you'd get a higher or lower mark if you dropped to regular bio and chem. This might be helpful: http://www.ashbury.ca/document.doc?id=385 Use the second chart for the updated conversions.
  10. Elite X-Naut

    IB help? Why am I doing SO BAD????

    If it's IB styled questions and even has the IB answer box, it's probably from a past exam. So low 70s and high 60s, you're actually doing well in the course. I would find it strange though that they don't convert the marks to Ontario marks, because IBSO specifically states that your marks have to be converted if you want an Ontario mark on your report card. They at least convert marks for grade 12 right?
  11. Elite X-Naut

    Grade 6 entrance exam

    Hello, I think the school's site offers some useful information although it says nothing about an entrance test. http://schools.peelschools.org/1573/ib/Pages/default.aspx "The IBMYP is open to any Peel student now in grade 5. Applicants will be assessed based on two admission criteria: their grade 4 and 5 report cards a written response to be completed at the Mississauga Convention Centre " I didn't go to this school but to get into grade 9 pre-IB we did the SSAT test (Higher Level, so for grades 7-8). I think you should ask around to see if your son will be doing the SSAT for the entrance test. If so, it would probably be the one for Middle Level (grades 5-6). I used the "Cracking the SSAT & ISEE" by the Princeton Review although it isn't really needed so long as you understand basic math and language comprehension.
  12. Theoretically you could but if your IA was really good then you're most likely scoring at least a 4 overall. It's over so try not to worry too much about your grades. You probably did better than you thought.
  13. Elite X-Naut

    Big mistake

    I'm sorry to hear that your daughter had incompetent teachers. The IB program is indeed very vigorous and especially in Ontario, IB students that are not fully prepared for such difficulty are at a large disadvantage due to the crazy mark inflation that non-IB students have (in Ontario). It really depends on the person and what teachers you have for which courses. Ie at my school you will always get a higher mark in non-IB math than in HL math, and the only time this difference is negligible is if you're predicted 6 or 7. I also attend school in Mississauga and in one course or another, many teachers are incompetent and we have to self-teach entire syllabi (especially for all HL sciences). But the one that succeeds is the one who is willing to sacrifice their time to learn outside of the classroom. I would say that for a program that is generally more beneficial towards students heading into the sciences in Ontario specifically, students should be prepared and warned for the competition for the top programs because doing IB may or may not be a disadvantage, depending on the circumstances. For example I could score a 7 in a subject and that transfers to 97-100% in Ontario marks, but usually it's just 97% max. While on the other hand I realize many non-IB students getting 98, 99, and 100% in the same subjects I'm taking and with a lot less effort, and applying to the same program as me. So while I won't say IB is completely useless to ALL Canadian students, many should consider very carefully the courses they have selected and contrast with the same ones in non-IB at that particular school.
  14. Elite X-Naut

    In need of Econ HL MICRO Notes!!!

    I don't have any but I think this will help if you need further understanding: https://www.youtube.com/user/ACDCLeadership/playlists
  15. Elite X-Naut

    Resources for Option A?

    There's this: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL816Qsrt2Os0q9T-E4u-KKiQrRI56AS2y Other than that you're best off using the textbook. I have the Pearson book and it's pretty useful.

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