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  1. I am going to start with my EE in psychology and I have got my research questions. I need to ask 3 question. 1) My EE research question is one of the content (sub-topic) under the syllabus (but I will not refers to it and I will explore the content more further from the syllabus) Can I still do on it ? 2) I have search the articles ad study for my research question on the net and I found that there were somebody who previously done his/her EE research question which is "Exactly" the same as my research question ( how fortuitous ) . Can I still do my EE on it? 3) My research question is quiet simple. Will it affect marking? Is research question suppose to be something difficult and not simple ? What kind of research question in EE will score higher mark? How to score higher mark in EE Psychology ? Thanks;)

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