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  1. Hi there, Just to keep in mind: In terms of the use of poisonous venom, you may have to check with your school's lab technician first. With regard to ideas, until you know for sure that it's ok to use venom in your experiment, I would hold off on thinking up an elaborate experiment. Get the foundations first =).
  2. Hey there Caffein ( I Like the name =) ), First of all, before I go ahead and answer you questions I would like to say to you; stay strong =)! I know it may seem hard right now, I know that you have a large backlog of work, and from doing the IB, it can be really, really stressful. But, considering you've gotten this far already, try your best to keep going! =D! In terms of you wanting to study medicine in the UK, I see no reason why you can't apply now? worst case scenario you'll have to go through clearing =). With regards to you getting good grades, don't push yourself down about not doing so well at the moment, instead, try to figure out why this is the case, and if necessary maybe think about getting a tutor to help you through homework, and other things - this should help reduce some of your stress. You're saying you're becoming more and more "paralysed" as time goes on, have you thought about talking to your teachers/tutor/counsellor about this, I'm sure they'd be happy to help you! Additionally it could really be beneficial considering you feel so overwhelmed! Considering you've already registered for the IB exams, I don't know if you could drop out as such, my best advice is to speak with your IB coordinator. However, just keep this in mind. You have the potential to succeed. I know that your current grades worry you. But that does not mean you won't get good grades. In fact, I think you'll get really good grades. Just stick to it, however hard it gets. And if you need support, talk to your school staff. That is what they're there for. If you have any further questions don't hesitate and ask! Hope this helps you.
  3. HI Annie, First of all, you are not alone, A good 25% of the people at my school who did the IB had no idea of what they were doing in the future - and they still got amazing scores! Even though I did not specifically do the subjects you are doing. From what you have written there, it looks like you have a good range, and I'm sure you could get into plenty professions with the subject choice you have. You still have a whole 2 years or even more (gap year) to decide/figure out what you truly want to do. It will come in time =D! Hope this helps reassure you :D! Any further questions don't hesitate and ask!
  4. Hi there , Sorry, could you please tell me if you already have taken french SL? If you have though: Unfortunately, I don't think you can switch it to HL . HL french (A and B) are very different to SL, you would need to do new IA's and oral exams. To even get a good mark; basically you would need to do take french HL as a subject, and would need to complete it's syllabus... With regard to what you wrote above, would you be willing to take the Physics exam again? to see if you could boost that mark instead of re-attepting theatre, or looking for other subjects?
  5. Hi nadi =), The idea sounds good, before looking at other factors to explore though, how are you planning on measuring egg osmosis? What equipment do you plan to use? Just so that I can get a better picture of what you're doing. At the time being, try to focus on one factor, get that straight in your head, if you think you need more factors, you can think of some more later; set your foundations first =D! To answer your last question, having just completed the IB =), BIO HL is a tough one, but it's totally beatable! If you are struggling, have you thought about approaching a tutor, or other resources to help? I certainly did, and It helped me tremendously! =D If you have any further questions don't hesitate and ask! =)
  6. Hello =), I have been exploring the web for mainly UK uni entry requirements, most of them make mention of requiring an Art portfolio; I think your visual arts HL, ticks that box . In terms of mathematics some uni's require SL some don't, some don't even need a specific mathematic subject. Architecture may still be possible, yes; but, check first with your university counsellor, as I may be wrong! Hope this helps =)
  7. I'm happy to hear you're confident and settled with a solid decision. I got a 5 in HL music ! Hope I helped you a little bit .
  8. Hi there, I'll try my best to explain to you the following terms =). Content - This is what the text is about, for example if you have a text about snails; the content would be written like "This text explores snails in their natural habitat, looking specifically at the local nesting ground and food sources." Context - This is basically looking at what period the text is from; so, when looking at context, look at the date of the text, talk about important historical events that happened during that time. For example Frankenstein by Mary shelley was published in 1818, so, for the context, look into the french revelation which happen around the 1780's, and write about how the context is significant to the novel, also, in context, talk about the background of the author, that is very important ! . Language - For this section, you should look at the language being used, how it is relevant to the context. For example Frankenstein, used very old and complex words, often using imagery to create the theme of Nature and the Sublime; the language of Frankenstein also resembled itself to Gothic literature, so look at context when doing language. Structure - This is how the text is built up, are there large paragraphs? short paragraphs? are they descriptive? or not? Are the sentences complex or simple? ask yourself these questions, and that should help you with structure, and always ask the question "why is it significant?". Stylistic devices (Technique and style of text) - Stylistic devices. In this section, you should look at devices such as Onomatopoeia, Alliteration, Susurration, Metaphors, Imagery, Sarcasm, Irony, Oxymorons. etc. Look for these, when you found one in the text, write it down, with supporting evidence. Relationships among texts - For this, look for similarities in the text, in Content, Context, Language, Structure, and Stylistic devices. Try to find a link between the two texts or novels that share a similarity, creating this relationship. Hope this helps, If you need any further help, don't hesitate and ask. (You can also ask your teacher, I'm sure they'd be happy to help you)!
  9. HI there, No, I don't think that is considered as cheating, and/or plagiarism, the software is legitimate, the software that the IB uses should recognise that Grammarly check's for plagiarism, and therefore should not consider what you put through the plagiarism checker, copied work. Just to be safe , I'd talk to your EE mentor, or IB coordinator about your concern. I hope to have reassured you a little bit.
  10. Hi there, The EE itself is generally mores specific. Your procedures should be specific, but not so specific that it uses up to much of your word count. In terms of the steps, yes you need to include them as well as the materials used, just like in an IA's Methodology. You should also make a variable table. As an EE is an advanced form of research, you should make sure that you have the basics of an IA down, (Methodology, Variables table, Apparatus list etc.). To the best of my knowledge, you should put this in the main body. Hope this helps If you have any further questions, don't hesitate and ask.
  11. Hi there, IB Music Student Here ! Let me try my best to answer your questions =3. First of all: " 1) How long does your pieces need to be roughly (ideally)? Because 8 min piece might not be suitable. And also, is it okay to edit and cut a bit of the recording so I can more time to play other pieces as well? I know there are not any rules about this, but what does your teacher recommenI played ? " An 8 minute piece is perfectly all right, you won't be marked down for piece length, I personally played two long pieces; one being about 6 minutes, another around 5. Length is Ok, just make sure that you play it good throughout. I'm unsure about cutting bits out of the recording, you should check that with your music teacher ( send them an email ) Secondly: " 2) Is it okay if we perform more than one instrument? I might be able to submit my violin playings as one of my pieces, but I don't know if that is allowed. " Of course that is allowed, that shows that you have diversity in music, it shows you can play more than one instrument. I would highly recommend doing that =) ! Thirdly: " 3) Any tips on how to learn pieces quickly? Or do you think a good solution is just to learn easier pieces so I can get them done quicker? " What I did to learn pieces quickly was practice at least 2 hours a day, generally by doing this I cut practicing time by half, (YAY!). However, be aware, by doing this there is a big risk of hurting your tendons; avoid playing to aggressively. (That's what I did, and it hurt a lot!!). You can also play some easier pieces if you want, I for example tried to fit in some of Yann Tiersen's Piano music. You don't necessarily only need extremely challenging pieces, an easy piece is always nice . Finally: " 4) When is the deadline for these submissions? Is it too late for me to change to do compositions instead? " I do not know the answer to this question, as I did HL music. I highly suggest you contact your music teacher ASAP about this, they themselves are a fabulous! resource. . I hope I have helped answer some of your questions. If you have anymore, don't hesitate and ask!
  12. Alright , so, so far I have noticed that both pieces rely predominantly on modes. In the Debussy, it is rare that you can establish the key, and is often modal, pushing towards Atonal at times. I would argue that the Debussy is mimicking the Pentatonic Scale which is a 5 note scale, that can also be found it the Xe Chi Luon Kim. The use of chromaticism creates this modality. (Just take into consideration that I may have made mistakes in the analysis, so, please check with your teacher first =) ) For music sharing links with Xe Chi Luon Ki or Vietnamese Folk, i'd suggest looking into, Eastern European music, or south American. My best advice is, to, listen to the piece, and find similar links in the sound of the music; and then look into the actual music of the piece. This is what I did for mine, and it worked a charm ! I hope this helps you find some more links! If you have any more questions don't hesitate and ask!
  13. Hi, From doing the MLI I know that finding links can take quite some time, and is often a very difficult and irritating process, but, you'll eventually find some links. To help you out, I'll have a look and see if i can find some links in the music above =). I'll try to find something in the next 30 min or so.
  14. Go to the drop down menu next to your profile picture. Click on account settings. Click on Signature. You can now edit your signature =)
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