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  1. chloeolut

    Getting a 7 in hl Biology

    I have a good knowledge of most concepts except Nucleic acids... How did you manage to get 7s throughout though?
  2. chloeolut

    Getting a 7 in hl Biology

    Hi there, I started studying last week, Can I still possibly get a 7 in hl bio if I continue my revision? It's a lot of content
  3. chloeolut

    IB revision course

    https://osc-ib.com/ib-revision-courses/choose-your-location Nearest to Japan is probably in Australia.. Hope this helps though!
  4. chloeolut

    Studying for ib exams

    hi there Is 1 month enough to reach my goal if i begin my revision now..? (aiming for a 39)
  5. chloeolut

    What is your dream IB score?

    40 LSE law is my main goal
  6. chloeolut

    New IB Goals

    Hello guys! I'll be entering semester 2 of IB1 and I'll be making some slight changes to my subject choices. I'll be switching from Geography to ESS and from French B SL to HL. I would like to know if I can still reach my goal of 39 points, because my current subjects are going alright at the moment, but I'm intent on building skills for Math SL and Biology HL. Thanks!
  7. chloeolut

    Full ESS Summary

    Yes please!!!! can u send me it?
  8. chloeolut

    Switching to IB history HL

    Hello guys! Do you have any tips on switching to IB history HL for the second semester of IB1 because I'm currently doing IB geography as one of my HL subjects, but I'm moving to a new school in January and they don't offer geography, so I'll have to switch to history. What should I do to be successful during the switch? I know that history HL is a ton of work which I must catch up on! Thanks!
  9. chloeolut

    Predicted Grades: Still Possible to Improve?

    Wait, but it's 6,6,5 at HL which they want..I really want to go there and I will work to improve my predicted grades up...
  10. Hey Guys! During the first semester of DP1, I did pretty well.. My grades were: HL; Bio-5 Geo-7 English-6 SL Math-4 French-7 Econ-5 Total: 32/42 Now I feel my grades will end up like this end of this semester: HL Econ-5 Biology-5 Geo-6 SL Math 4 English-5 French-7 =32/42 However, I really want my teachers to improve my predicted grades up to at least 34 points, so that when I want to apply for universities on UCAS, I can finally get into a 'good' university, becuase my top choice is U of Birmingham or Surrey. Also, I DEFINTELY will work my butt off over the summer! I know I'm doing alright, but I want to do much better and show my teachers I want to improve. Also, I will work hard on my EE... Is it still too late to improve before the predicted grades come out in September or not, because I will start working hard NOW!..Is there still hope? Thanks!
  11. chloeolut

    What time do you guys sleep and wake up during IB?

    I'm usually asleep by 11:00 and wake up at 6.30, but i'm still tired during the day..
  12. I've never really been a math person all of my life, and unfortunately my school doesn't offer math studies. I'm struggling with the course, because last year, I did not get prepared well for this SL course at all. Do you guys know any resources or practice books I can use to improve significantly? Dont't mention Khan Academy because I already watch his videos in order to get the hang of the basics!...
  13. I am already getting stressed out!
  14. chloeolut

    Improving IB Grades

    Hi guys, I'm taking the IB right now and I just started in August and I just need a little advice. My personal goal is to reach 40 + for the IB but I started off kind of shaggy. Do I still have time to get that 40+?
  15. Hey guys, I just found out I made a mistake on my IA for economics. Can I still give a new copy to my teacher or not? Thanks!

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