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  1. This is exactly the definition of grades in one sentence and to the point. Grades are neither more nor less than that.
  2. Moma

    Stressed Out

    While doing past papers, highlight the questions u struggeled with, so you can go over them a few days before the exam to remember the idea of the question and how to solve it. When you solve a lot of past papers, you see a trend in the equations, like for instance the probability is almost allllwaaays the same idea... Since you will be stressed out this week because of other exams, try to solve a lot next weekend:D
  3. Does anyone have/created a word document with the physics defintions we have to know? It would be very kind if someone could send it to me:D
  4. Yeah and in question one or two where you had to use the formula pi r^2 to calculate the Area, they used the diameter instead of the radius... They probably want us to get confused... Even when those people, who write the exams, produce wrong mark schemes (and it's not just one or two mistakes, it has a lot!!), how can they expect from us to solve them? In my opinion, it would have been much better, if they would have taken a look at the mark scheme just once more... And the BIGGEST problem is, when the mark scheme for the final exam has mistakes and our exams get wrong corrected... This would be the peak...
  5. You have 2 options now. If it's not too late, tell your teacher that you realized now that you forgot to cite something and ask if the school can resubmit the IA... (Last year a student from grade 12 recognized after submitting that she forgot to cite something and fortunately she was able to resubmit it...) The second option is, if you can't resubmit the IA, that you just wait and hope, that the IB won't catch your plagiarism... Actually this option is horrible and terrible and it sucks, i know, but you have to live with that... If you are lucky, they won't catch you and you will be able to get your diploma... If you get caught, then usually you won't get your diploma.
  6. In physics, biology and chemistry you get all options in the examination paper and you can solve the one you wish. It's your choice. The school maybe decides which one it will teach, but you may study an option on your own and do it on the exam. ( This is what my teachers told me)
  7. I do not take chemistry, but I take physics, and we have that equation as well. What I do is, since the delta T is exactly the same in the Kelvn scale as well as in Celcius scale, I just look at what is given. If the question asks me for the temperature, I prefer to give the answer in Celcius. But if it's not written specifically what unit you should use, answers in both units will be correct
  8. yeah, I support King112's opinion as well... Just submit what you have done, it cannot be that bad... and any grade is better than 0... If you want to edit it, do that, if not, at least submit it anyway... What I would recommend you now is to take a quick look at the requirements of the IA and how it will be graded... And the points which you can earn easily, edit that in the few hours left. I'm sure that you'll manage that:D
  9. Our class has the same problem with the math IA... And our coordinator read a lot about "not submitting an IA" and told us in the end, that we may not get the diploma if we do not submit anything... but she never read it explicitely... But actually I don't understand this point.... Why shouldn't I get the diploma if I don't submit anything? I may like submit just a title page with my name and write "IA" on it and regarding the criterias I should actually get 0 for it, which will just downgrade my overall grade...
  10. Aaaaah that's whyyy... I was so confused when I solved that question... But thanks:)
  11. UPDATED Physics HL data booklet (2016) View File Here is the updated data booklet for the physics HL examination in May 2016. Have Fun:D Submitter Moma Submitted 03/07/2016 Category IB Syllabus & Data Booklets
  12. The videos are very good and help while revising:D May you do some videos on the HL part of the physics curriculum in the near future? Like Motion in Fields, Electromagnetic Induction and Quantum physics, since they are the most challenging topics in the curriculum. Thank you:D
  13. yeah we are doing a science experiment as well... But your ideas are pretty cool and exciting, compared to an experiment, which we do enough from in the science classes...
  14. I'm not sure.... But last year, the school had just to do the group 4 project without submitting anything... This year you have to write a reflective letter after the project, which will be sent to the IBO... Therefore, if you didn't do the group 4 project, no reflective letter will be sent and I think it affects part of the internal assessment grade....
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