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  1. hey! im about to start my extended essay, and I'm supposed to give my research question in by tomorrow but i am still alowed to change it. My research question right now is what kind of plants grow in the stampled areas of the forest vs non stampled areas and is there any correlation to the plants that grow (if two plants always grow together etc) I really do not think this is sufficient enough for an extended essay and i want to change it as it already does not seem appealing to me. i want to do something involving humans. ive thought of research questions such as, the effect of different hours of sleep has on the body, how does body mass effect the performance in exercise, how fast can fat be burned (comparison between heavy and light people and how fast they lose weight and if this is healthy or not). however im not sure how to measure these. if anyone has any ideas of a research question that has to do with humans please share your ideas as soon as possible as i really need to come up with a research question pretty soon. thanks
  2. hi! im going to be starting ib1 next year and i want to do my extended essay something related with biology or chemistry. i was thinking either something about plastic surgery or food science, however im not sure how to narrow neither or the topics down into a title starting with "to what extent ..." if anyone has any ideas please share! thanks
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