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  1. David GW

    Biology HL Paper 3

    Yes, I did, but if you put because the cells are smaller or because it is surrounding the xylem you would probably also get the points.
  2. David GW

    Biology HL Paper 3

    I did option D and I honestly think (including section A) it was a really easy exam, probably my best paper out of the three. The aphid is an insect which injects its stylet into the phloem and sucks the sap, so if the aphid is removed from its stylet a sample containing phloem sap can be obtained and analysed. I can't remember the exact answers I wrote down, only that on the diagram you had to write xylem.
  3. David GW

    Which country should I move to?

    I don't know if it's the same for Hungary but when I applied to UK universities they really appreciated IB, it has a very good reputation in the UK. Also, since you are European the universities won't be as expensive and you can get scholarships, for Sussex, for example, you can get a £3000 (3774€) scholarship with 36 points in IB. Some universities in the UK also give grants, universities like Warwick would give you £1000- 3000 grants depending on your family income, but I am not sure on this one cause I think they are stopping the grants this year. Overall I'd say the UK, especially if it's for medicine, but I am kinda biassed on this one. I hope this is of some help.
  4. David GW


    You still have a month for the exam, don't panic. Try reading through the book, try and understand what you are reading, underline what is important and use the syllabus. If it helps try doing some notes and if you are more of a visual learner go onto youtube, I find it very helpful. A few days ago a guy also recommended me this website which I think is really good https://quizlet.com/subject/biology/, you can find biology flashcards and stuff.
  5. David GW

    Page limit

    Thanks. Before I actually started the IA I asked my teacher if it counted and he said appendix and bibliography do not count for the page limit. But I was unsure whether he was correct.
  6. David GW

    What is your dream IB score?

    Realistically I hope for a 36, in dreamland 45 obviously
  7. David GW

    Not Sending and IA?

    I'm pretty sure you will still get your diploma, but the IA's account for quite a big part of your overall grade, it is worth trying to give in something.
  8. David GW

    No correlation :(

    I have done my IA and there is no correlation, I wouldn't want to have to repeat it, is there any problems with my data having no correlation? Can I still get full marks by having correct mathematical process and a good evaluation?
  9. David GW

    Page limit

    I have finished my Biology IA and the actual investigation itself has exactly 12 pages, but then I have more pages for the appendix which shows the same data that is present in the actual investigation only that more developed and in more detail. My question is whether I'll get marks docked off for having these extra pages?

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