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  1. hey guys! im uploading my evidence and reflection on managebac and i wanted what is the ideal number of words for the reflection and the ideal number of pics per event. thanks!
  2. hey guys! im doing my EE in English Lit and im going to compare two books in it. what should i keep in mind while doing so?
  3. yes i have a huge crush on jimmy fallon Confession: i like bad sexy characters in movies the next person will confess that they're writing this in or bunking class.
  4. i sleep at around 12 ish and get up @ 6.30 for school. on holidays (like long ones) i sleep throughout the evening and get up @ 2 am and study the entire night.
  5. hey guys! so i'm attending a MUN conference this weekend. its gonna be my 3rd MUN but after a very long time. could i get some tips please! thanks!
  6. hey guys! so i'm planing to give my SATs in June. I'm a business and management student and want to study business in the future. what subjects should i study for in my SATs?
  7. hey guys! So I'm nearing the end of my year 1 in the IB and my school hasn't officially started any ToK class. The teachers say we'll start ToK classes directly in year 2. Will this prove to be fatal in any way for my DP? (you know since year 2 will ovio be harder)
  8. stuff is hitting me now I'm about to pull my 1st all-nighter. math will eventually kill me. *im trying to smile* awesome grades bro
  9. Mine was analyzing the women in the book "the inner courtyard" through the lyrics of the song "She Used To Be Mine" by Sara Bareilles. so i sang the song and then explained the lyrics
  10. hey guys so i'm choosing my dad's company for my ia. do y'all feel that the ib may not accept it? my BM teacher says its fine but i don't wanna lose marks due to this.
  11. i dreamt that my classmates were nice to me (and that will only remain a dream)
  12. hey could i get a copy too @UnderstandingScience ?? thanks
  13. Math HL(highest in my school is 6) is hard and English A Lit is also hard (no one in my school has scored above a 5) ESS maybe in SL but according to me it gets harder day by day also many of my classmates feel that Physics HL is the hardest IB subject Economics is challenging but if you're inclined towards it it will be easy for ya. Film can be time consuming (but again you gotta be inclined towards it) Easiest according to me will be Business Management and French Ab initio Spanish Ab initio can get challenging (there was this one incident where one of our seniors switched to Hindi B after the 1st year cuz she found Spanish hard) tbh at the end of the day its YOUR OWN STRENGTHS and what you are inclined towards

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